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 Weekly Update ArchiveMarch 10, 2003
     Archived 2003 Updates



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Weekly Update: Mar 10 - 17, 2003

The Truth of The Soul: Uranus Enters Pisces and Chelsea Clinton Gets a New Job!

Uranus, the great awakener and visionary of the zodiac has just entered the sign of Pisces and I, for one, couldn't be happier. My soul memory of my adolescence in the 1920's in my immediate past life is such a happy one, but more on that perhaps at a later time :-)

While many astrologers are rightly concerned about the potential madness, tendency to addictive behavior, unconscious escapism, and confusion that may ensue, there's much to look forward to! The Truth of The Soul, Authentic Connection to Spirit, The Search for Real Meaning, and Romanticism will be the mood of the era for the next 7 years.

This is partly why the film "Chicago" is sweeping all the awards. Great lyrical music will be back in vogue, not the mechanical stuff we've been hearing for the last decade.

The need for soul substance and a greater connection to spirit will define these times as it did in the 1920's. Think of all the great visionaries and artists born with Uranus in Pisces: Marlon Brando, Leontyne Price, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sarah Vaughan, Tony Bennett, Timothy Leary, Liberace, Jack Lemmon, Johnny Carson, Margot Fonteyn, Roy Campanella, Marcel Marceau, Miles Davis, Allen Ginsberg, and Liz Smith to name a few. It will be a seven year ride in which literally "Anything Goes", and the sky's the limit! Talent, real talent will make a comeback!

Hear, Hear!

Earned Opportunity?

On AOL this weekend, there was a survey asking what members thought about ex- first daughter Chelsea Clinton's new consulting job at McKinsey & Co.

The Choices: Did she earn it based on merit or was it handed to her because of her parents?

Too bad they didn't have her horoscope handy.

Lest you think Chelsea's new consulting job complete with a 6 figure paycheck is a case of undeserved nepotism, think again.

Chelsea Clinton, born on February 27 1980 @ 11:24 PM in Little Rock, Ark. is a Pisces with Scorpio rising and the moon in Leo (mom Hillary is a Scorpio and Dad Bill is a Leo); But what speaks most to her professional future is the fact that she has Mars and Jupiter tightly conjoined in the workaholic sign of Virgo in her 10th house of career. (Saturn is there in Virgo too). Despite what the press reports about her partying, that is not at all what will define Chelsea when all is said and done.

She will be a model employee, earning every last red cent and will go on to show the world what she's made of. Any potential employer would do well to have a Chelsea on their team. She's complex, as many gifted people are, and may not have the easiest road emotionally; no one with a Venus/Pluto opposition does. But what may surprise us all is the professional turn her life will take in a couple of years. Chelsea's chart reveals a talent for filmmaking (Neptune in Sagittarius in the 2nd house trine Venus in the 6th, trine her Leo midheaven) and specifically screenwriting. She has a very rich imagination and should be encouraged to commit to that which touches her soul and not worry about living up to the expectations of her powerful parents.

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