Weekly Update » February 7 - February 14, 2008
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Blinded By the Light:
Sun Conjoins Neptune on Feb 10,
First Quarter Moon on Feb 13,
And a Sun Mars Trine on Valentine’s Day
By Shelley L. Ackerman
[From my 'Shimmering Stars' column in The Westchester Guardian, © 2008]

Jury Duty USA:
     The week began for me Feb 4 with 2 days on jury duty.
Technologically, the courts are up to speed: They now have wi-fi and several computers set up to check email, and in Manhattan, they assure us that we won’t be called to serve again for another six years.

It was relatively painless, and although I sat on one panel as a potential juror for a case involving a woman on trial for slashing someone with a ‘razor-like’ object at a bar called “Mars 2112”, I wasn’t selected, presumably because I revealed my profession as astrologer. The judge asked me whether or not if selected, would I limit my assessment to the facts presented and not rely on any ‘other’ sources’. I said ‘yes’, but could have gone further by explaining that Mars rules sharp objects and that the young woman in question probably was having a Mars transit, but I kept me mouth shut.

Tuesday February 5 was the day of the post Super-Bowl Giants parade downtown near City Hall (and the court house) and it was also Super Presidential Primary Tuesday. One of the wonderful articles I read while waiting appeared in the Science Times, a section that runs every Tuesday in the NY Times. On the day before the solar eclipse at 17 Aquarius 44, with its apropos Sabian Symbol of an unmasking at a ball. This fabulous piece about how many of us feel like frauds with a sublime illustration by Mark Allen Miller appeared.

How perfect to have an article about loving your inner imposter as people voted across the country. Equally terrific and disturbing was the release of this story about scientists creating a see-through fish. Why can’t they make see-through politicians?

As the results were coming in, the news broke of a deadly and devastated tornado across several states. What synchronicity!

Hillary and Obama are neck in neck as the potential Democratic Candidate, and it’s doubtful that this contest will be resolved anytime soon. I personally would love to see a Clinton-Obama ticket. With Pluto, Saturn, and Mars, in Leo, Scorpio Hillary resonates with Leo men (she’s been married to one for nearly 33 years), and though NY Times op-ed columnist Frank Rich is talking about a potential civil war among the Dems, I have a fantasy that if Hillary’s elected President with Obama as VP, she would protect Obama and see to it that he go on to become president after her reign. I’m a Sun/Neptune girl and it’s a Sun/Neptune transit so I can dream, can’t I?

Speaking of which, as Mercury continues to slide backwards in Aquarius, the Sun merges with Neptune on Feb 10, as it does once every year. In the airy sign of Aquarius, we must be especially vigilant about protecting ourselves from airborne infection. This is both literal and symbolic. Neptune permeates and dissipates all that it comes into contact with.. As a Sun-Neptune person myself, I’ve had a hard time coming to terms with and appreciating my extreme sensitivity.

In her classic book, The Outer Planets and Their Cycles, Liz Greene says, “The Sun conjuncting Neptune suggests that the issue of individuality, of becoming oneself, gets bound up with the longing for the mystical union and the dissolving of individual boundaries. To put it in the form of truism, the person must lose himself in order to find himself…The longing for something ineffable and the sense of the world’s suffering are very real things for Neptunian people, who identify with the figure of the victim and generally feels that the world is a pretty awful place and can we please go home soon…this is a deep religious urge in the collective...” There’s much more, but that’s the general idea.

So this week’s heightened sensitivity may serve to open us to the more compassionate aspect of our nature. Where empathy rules it’s impossible to do anyone harm. May the politicians follow suit.

On Valentine’s Day, the “Guys” have it:

The Sun/Mars trine on Valentine’s Day Feb 14 clearly gives testosterone the edge. Mercury remains retrograde so forget about proposals and promises. If you celebrate this Hallmark/Victoria’s Secret festival of red, have fun, don’t put too much on it, and don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

Chart: Sun-Neptune Conjunction
Click for larger view

The Planets This Week:
Feb 7: Moon in Aquarius V/C @ 10:50 AM → Pisces @ 8:46 PM
Feb 8/9: Moon in Pisces
Feb 10: Moon in Aries, Sun Conj Neptune in Aquarius @ 9:04 PM
Feb 12/13: Moon in Taurus
Feb 13: First Quarter Moon @ 10:33 PM
Feb 14: Sun Trine Mars @ 11:39 AM

* All times EST.

Weekly Horoscope

ARIES: Idealizing your circle of friends or looking at a group you strongly identify with through rose-colored glasses may feel wonderful but it’s a trap that will set you up for a big disappointment. YES, be proud of your community and see the good in everyone, but give them the space to be real. The mark of a true humanist is one who sees the divinity in others but at the same time, can accept them as they are - warts and all. On a practical level, it’s best to stay clear of weed, drugs, and alcohol and all who indulge. Sorry.

TAURUS: Professionally, you’re sprinkled in stardust and all aglow. With the Sun and Neptune at the top of your chart, it’s impossible for others to take their eyes off of you. So dress the part and be patient with distracted superiors who sign off on financials: the check IS in the mail and remittances will be forthcoming soon enough. You may have to resubmit invoices as originals could have gotten lost. A spouse of significant other may not be on the same page as you are now: Let him/her do their own thing, they’ll catch up later.

GEMINI: The dream of reconnecting with someone far away and being rescued by their love is so real you can taste it. And while it’s true that one itty bitty phone call, email, or text message never hurt anyone, think twice before opening up a potentially demanding can of worms. Financials must take precedent over all else this week. Work at getting that part of your trip back together and solidify your flow. A brilliant creative idea hits you on Feb 10. Write it down and by the 13th, take some preliminary steps towards making it happen.

CANCER: Your sense of economic security is challenged by the ephemeral Sun/Neptune conjunction in your 8th house of banks and other people’s money. But there’s safety in numbers. Check to see where others in a similar groove are taking their business and if they’re doing well enough, join ‘em. A lover, and/or a child of yours who dabbles in finance may help. Though Mercury is retro till the 18th, an invite to listen in on a group of money-minded conservative women may come your way. Check it out.

LEO: A partner or BFF may space out, cry, or show a degree of sensitivity that scares you, but don’t fold. It’s imperative that you be the loyal and stabilizing rock that they need right now. When they compose themselves, remember to clue them in on a money issue that you forgot to share. Though it may not seem like a big deal, a female at work does you an awfully good turn. Don’t take it for granted. This seemingly small act of consideration could end up saving your butt big time.

VIRGO: The Sun/Neptune meet-up on the heels of the solar eclipse in your 6th house of health, work, and routine announces big and possibly confusing changes in your day to day schedule. It may take a few weeks for things to become clear and for the dust to settle, but there are ways to make this transition period work for you. Most important is to insist on taking the time you need to get your health together. Stop volunteering for every little extra task and invest the time in yourself instead.

LIBRA: Take out that old manuscript, art or decorating project, and go through those tapes, CD’s, videos and DVD’s and organize yourself once and for all. A completely new approach to your self expression is in order. This can be as exciting as it is productive and it will favorably impact your stagnant love life too, thank you very much. If you think that these two departments of life have nothing to do with one another-think again. Just do it. And like they say on the “Bravo” channel, watch what happens.

SCORPIO: Forewarned is forearmed: Though it’s not a revelation, be reminded that cleanliness is next to Godliness. The Sun/Neptune conjunction in your 4th house says that if you’re not careful you could be very susceptible to airborne infections, mold, and contagions in and around the home. Take time or hire someone to help with a thorough cleaning. Someone in your family may be ill and the ‘clean treatment’ would make a big difference for them. Changes are a foot at home base- use your power to facilitate with the transitions.

SAGITTARIUS: As a rule you can talk your way out of anything. Not so right now, the Sun/Neptune conjunction and Mercury retro in your 3rd house of linguistics says that unless you’re into mime and poetry, the less said the better. Also, with cloudy Neptune fogging up your windshield be that much more careful on the road and behind the wheel. As a matter of fact, let someone else do the driving but don’t distract them with small talk. A female friend with a talent for cooking has a calming and healing influence.

CAPRICORN: It’s not like you to have thoughts of running away and joining the circus, or of chucking your material life for a stint in a monastery, but the Sun/Neptune conjunction in your 2nd house of finance and values may have you doing just that. This ‘moment’ of reflection, re-evaluation, and realignment is important. Why devote yourself to feeding the beast if you no longer feel that the beast is worth your time and energy? Talk things over with a spouse and/or very close friend. He/she will offer a fresh perspective.

AQUARIUS: The Sun/Neptune meet up in your sign makes you as porous as a Bounty Paper Towel, ready to soak up all that it comes into contact with. Old wounds are surfacing too (It’s about time you dealt with some of this stuff), so don’t be surprised if you cry at the drop of a hat. The difference now is that you’re not in it alone. There is actually at least one individual who gets it and offers an ear and a hug and that makes a big difference. See if you can turn some of this raw content and super sensitivity into art.

PISCES: Energy Vampire Alert: Your extra-sensory attunement is at its annual high and you’re especially open to the influence of psychic energy all around you. Protect yourself by avoiding seedy environments that drain, you cannot afford to deplete your reserves. The auspicious ‘grand trine’ between the Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter in practical earth signs in your communication houses speaks of a successful resolution between you, siblings and neighbors. A small and informal town meeting in neutral territory will mend many fences.