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On Gemini New Moon, Clarity is King
A Little Clairvoyance Couldn’t Hurt Either

By Shelley L. Ackerman
[From my 'Shimmering Stars' column in The Westchester Guardian, © 2008]

Photo: Rich Press

Today’s the Day:

As the Democratic National Committee began to convene in Washington to decide the Florida - Michigan delegate fiasco, I ventured out of my Midtown Manhattan studio for my morning coffee ritual and observed two tourists, a middle-aged couple, photographing a commercial garbage truck doing its thing on my block. Curious, I asked the wife: “A garbage truck?” She cheerfully replied, “We’re from England and we’re in the garbage business and this is very important to us.”

Stating the obvious, I was reminded of how we’re always focused on that which is meaningful to us. For me, it’s New York City, the elections, our democracy, and of course, astrology.

The Mercury Retrograde which began on May 26 and will last through June 19 has been nasty-especially Monday’s station. But all need not be lost- if we’re willing to observe the movement of the planets and learn from the guidance offered. If only that were so, many mishaps could and would be avoided in the future.

Case(s) in point: Within about 36 hours of planet Mercury’s station (standstill/reversal in motion) on Memorial Day, May 26, there were two awful train accidents in the US (Boston and Chicago), and a cargo plane that spit in two after sliding off a runway in Brussels. Planetary stations always imply that we pause. In a perfect world, there would be at least six days every year in which a travel moratorium would be imposed- three for the retro-station and three for the forward station of Mercury, but don’t worry, I have no intentions of running for office, especially not after this CNN video which aired clips from the UAC convention!

In the case of the Boston crash, cell phone use has been cited as a factor (the driver of the two car trolley that rammed into the back of the train was on her mobile). When will we ever learn? While the convenience of cell phones are often a blessing (to us), their over-use is a curse. In truth, most if not all of our long-drawn out personal conversations in public or behind the wheel could wait and we’d be a lot better for it. We are annoyingly self-indulgent in this regard, and I hope that there is some legislation in the works to curb this abuse, if only for the sake of improving our quality of life. And even though there are laws restricting hand held cell phones for drivers, studies have shown that even engaging in hands-free conversations distracts and limits the response time of even the most seasoned drivers. It’s almost as bad as driving while under the influence of alcohol.

And the horrific news of another crane collapse at a Manhattan construction site with at least two dead has the city stunned. As the cleanup continues on the East 91st Street site of the second crane accident on a Manhattan construction site in eleven weeks, officials are meeting to rethink its policies regarding safety and the lack of inspectors for nearly 250 such sites.

The lack of consciousness and the ever-increasing distractedness of workers/managers in very demanding and responsible positions is maddening. In many mishaps, sleep deprivation has been a factor as is a cutback in city inspectors of these sites. I guess there’s no way to legislate sanity or clarity for policy-makers, is there?

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer called for the elimination of tax breaks for companies that do not benefit the city in any way. YES! That money could be used to bridge the financial gap that is set to raise rents of those in public housing who can least afford it, while shutting down numerous community centers that serve city residents. This while advertisers don’t miss a beat: “Big Billboard” is watching you: Instead of focusing on safety, all great minds, at least in the advertising world, are intent on improving ways to gauge the effectiveness of billboard advertising.

AS the June 3rd Gemini New Moon emphasizing clairvoyance and bridging communication gaps on approaches, I invite you to check out Australian astrologer Lynda Hill’s excellent Sabian Symbol commentary.

And finally, what’s worse: Bill Clinton’s bimbo eruptions or McCain and Obama’s pastor problems? This past week Obama had another embarrassing pastor disaster to deal with. Does this pattern correspond to having a 9th house Neptune in Scorpio?

"Beauty will save the world"
~ Fyodor Dostoevsky ~
Spring Garden- Photo by Alethea Pratt

Chart: Gemini New Moon
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The Planets This Week:* All times EDT.
May 29: Moon in Pisces v/c @ 2:22 am, enters Aries @ 3:52 pm
May 31: Moon v/c @ 8:54 am, enters Taurus @ 6:18 pm
June 2: Moon v/c @ 9:03 am, enters Gemini @ 6:06 pm
June 3: New Moon in Gemini @ 3:23 pm
June 4: Sun sextile Mars @ 4:35 am,
             Moon v/c @ 8:09 am, enters Cancer @ 5:16 pm

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, a time of disconnect until the Moon enters the next sign

Weekly Horoscope

ARIES: Don’t let word play and/or the communication-transportation glitches that Mercury Retrograde is so famous for spoil what could and should be an upbeat week: Your creative and romantic 5th house is in friendly alignment with your ruler, Mars, and the energy could inspire you to great heights on the playing field, the stage, and in and out of the bedroom. The challenge is to not make promises you can’t keep or expect others to stick to what is said between now and June 20.

TAURUS: Not all fabulous offers and gifts from the cosmos come when you’re prepared for them or in alignment with your preferred Earthly schedule- but they are on time with the master plan: Remain flexible and muster up some gratitude and enthusiasm when a partner or BFF surprises you with an offer to help you de-clutter and/or straighten out your environment once and for all. The reconfiguration of your space will invigorate you and make it possible for some financial mojo to make its way into your energy field (and wallet).

GEMINI: Share and share alike- A sibling (or a neighbor that feels like one) appears to be in the spotlight but don’t let sibling rivalry or petty jealousy get the better of you. This brother, sister, or close buddy, is oblivious to the recognition and is more concerned with the job at hand and concerned with getting it right. What’s more: he/she believes that you are and always have been instrumental to their success! Try to be as happy for them as you would want them to be for you when you next score the big one.

CANCER: Before you get all fired up about the promising activity in your financial life, the New Moon in your hidden 12th house signals a good time for some major soul-searching and encourages you to take mental stock of where you’ve been and where you’re going. Can it be that you do better all around when you place the well-being of others as high on the list as you place yourself? This is one cycle in which team spirit and a group investment of time, energy, and funds will do wonders.

LEO: Funny how things work sometime: Flying solo and/or demanding to be placed front and center will lessen your chance at getting the recognition your crave, while being a team player brings it all (the honor, the glory, the accolades) home and flowing in your direction. Use you will, your strength, and natural gift of leadership to serve the bigger picture and you will shine better and brighter than if you insisted on a particular title up front, which in the long run, means nothing.

VIRGO: The New Moon in the career sector of your chart may bring a return engagement of sorts: But you always have a choice to say “yay” or “nay” to what’s offered. What’s important is to not respond too hastily and to take a little time to determine if in fact you need to return to a former situation to clean up some loose ends before moving forward in other professional pursuits.

LIBRA: Everyone wants a piece of you- but instead of it being a drain, you may find that you’re actually buoyed by the unusually high demand for your time, energy, and expertise. It’s been a while since you’ve experienced the appreciation of your tribe and roar of the crowd in the same week, and it’s reminded you of what you’ve been missing. Maybe it’s time to be just a tad more social than you’ve been, at least until the beginning of July.

SCORPIO: This is an exciting and transformative time for you and the ramifications will be felt and experiences professionally, romantically, and monetarily. You can and will advance but not without the help of a team. So though it’s not your style to allow others to feel equal to you, it’s in your best interest to show some gratitude and to be more generous than you’ve been in the past. To inspire loyalty, be loyal and royal.

SAGITTARIUS: While following the letter of the law is necessary, it must never take a back seat to the spirit of the law. All eyes are on you this week in matters big and small, so act as if you are an example of how to behave in every possible situation. You’ll be noted and quoted in places you never thought possible.

CAPRICORN: A true master is one who can play every role in a situation to perfection. You may be called upon to sit at an underling’s desk for a moment, and/or to help out a relative in transition in a pinch-but so what? You’re setting an example for others to learn what it means to be in charge and they will never forget it. A change in schedule may be in order, and it could be a good idea to check the vents and air quality at work. Your lungs are a priority and if you haven’t given up smoking-what are you waiting for?

AQUARIUS: A creative idea that you innocently share may elicit more of a response from a significant other or best friend than you anticipated, one that could be misinterpreted by you as criticism or discouragement. On the contrary, they would like to be a part of it. So it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want company. It’s probably a good thing as long as they allow you to take the lead. After all, it was your idea in the first pace!

PISCES: Investing in some assistance when you need it will save you mucho dińero and plenty of time in the long run. The New Moon in your 4th house is well-supported by a noble and able bodied individual or two. Welcome the help and get those jobs done once and for all, and though it’s wise to check the wiring - be careful to not buy any expensive TV’s, screens, AC’s, or install any brand new sound or communication equipment until after June 20th.