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Summer Solstice 2008
Mercury Stationed Direct,
Sun Entered the Sign of the Crab

By Shelley L. Ackerman
[From my 'Shimmering Stars' column in The Westchester Guardian, © 2008]

Photo: Rich Press

First, Tim Russert, now George Carlin. Both had the Sun in Taurus, the sign of values. Carlin’s astute observations on society’s hypocrisies that we all take for granted were unparalleled by all and any newcomers to comedy. “Scratch any cynic, and underneath you’ll find a disappointed idealist” says it all. What a loss.

As the Sun entered Watery Cancer on June 20 at 7:59 pm, I was on the train heading south to Manhattan from the 31st annual and magnificent as always IWWG conference at Skidmore College.

About 40 minutes from Pen Station, I watched the beautiful setting sun “set the stage” for the next three months. The northern hemisphere east coast chart for solstice with Sagittarius rising and the 7th house placement of the Sun conjunct Venus looks much like the birth chart of the US (July 4, 1776). Being an election year, extra emphasis is placed on the significance of this chart and on what happens moment by moment in the weeks ahead. The Moon in the Solstice chart is in late Capricorn in the 2nd house of finance. “It’s the economy stupid” will continue to be the catch phrase for the Summer months leading up to the two conventions. Big business and government will continue to come under severe scrutiny and criticism as will the candidates’ involvement with big business. It has been speculated that if McCain’s numbers don’t show improvement, that he could be replaced at the convention. The bottom line is that in order for the economy to improve, we cannot allow lobbyists to have a stronger voice than voters.

On Monday June 16th, Ralph Nader who announced his 2008 run for the presidency as an independent on the late Tim Russert’s Meet the Press on February 24th of this year, spoke favorably and insightfully of Russert and then added that “Barack Obama is a corporate candidate from A-Z”. To read the transcript or watch the interview click here. Obama’s link to the ethanol industry is featured in this NY Times article. On Sunday, 60 Minutes reported on Brazil’s success with ethanol from sugar cane versus the US’ corn-ethanol losing proposition. Needless to say, Nader is no John McCain fan either.

Thomas Friedman’s June 22, 2008 NY Times op-ed piece on GW Bush, Addict in Chief, is worth a look. My only comment is: Didn’t the brilliant Mr. Friedman and so many other gifted and observant print and broadcast journalists know that Bush and his people were up to no good eight years ago? Why did they all give him such a pass?

Mercury, the mischief-maker retrograde since Memorial Day turned direct on June 19, As Old ‘Quicksilver’ goes forward, he will once again form a 90 degree square to unpredictable Uranus through the first week in July. This tense aspect has been cited by several of my colleagues to have contributed/ correlated to the volatile weather (tornadoes, floods, etc.), the unusually high incidents of traffic snafus, power outages, and a number of other super-sized mishaps in the past three weeks. In of itself, Mercury retrograde (which happens three time a year for 21-24 days each time) in is NOT to be feared or demonized as it often the case on pop astrology sites and columns: On the contrary, Mercury “Rx” (short for retrograde) can and should be used very productively to clear up, clean up and reconnect with past people, places, and things, which could yield some extremely positive results. What Mercury Rx requires of us though, is extra time, extra attention to detail, and a willingness to slow down and forgo multi-tasking, which so many of us refuse to do.

The NY Times also reported on the up and coming “less is more” status symbol: The New Green Trophy Home!

And finally, there’s hope for us all, a charming story about newlyweds who met 36 years ago. He was her soon to be ex husband’s attorney in their divorce proceeding. Talk about fate!!

Chart: Summer Solstice
Click for larger view

The Planets This Week:* All times EDT.
June 19: Moon in Capricorn, Mercury Stationary Direct @ 10:31 am
June 20: Moon v/c @ 3:02 pm, Sun opp Pluto @ 3:40 pm,
             Sun in Cancer @ 7:59 pm
June 21: Moon in Aquarius @ 5:33 am, Venus sextile Saturn @ 5:14 am,
             Mars opp Neptune @ 11:33 am
June 23: Moon v/c @ 3:04 pm, enters Pisces @ 3:32 pm
June 25: Sun sextile Saturn @ 1:01 am,
             Moon v/c @ 10:16 pm, enters Aries @ 10:49 pm

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, a time of disconnect until the Moon enters the next sign

Weekly Horoscope

ARIES: It might be in your best interest to save your energy and to wait a bit before putting all of your energy into a creative endeavor that requires the cooperation of a team to fulfill. No matter how hard you try, and how loud you speak, much of it will be falling on deaf ears or some garden variety form of dysfunction. Use the time between now and July 10 to go back to the drawing board and to work on several different approaches: One of them will deliver a grand slam by mid-Summer.

TAURUS: Though Mercury retro has, for the past few weeks, slowed down some of your best laid financial plans, it will all be worth it in the end. By Friday evening and all through the weekend, the lines of communication will be strong enough between you, a romantic interest, a creative type, and/or your kids, to get a proverbial ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ of an energy-block moving and flowing in your favor. Be aware, that a partner or a spouse has little patience with an authority figure in one or both of your lives who is not quite worthy of your respect- and he/she is right.

GEMINI: OK, wise guy: Vacation time is over and there are no excuses left to delay dealing with some family or real estate issues which must be faced sooner rather than later. Your gift for talking your way out of almost everything is both a plus and a minus. Stop fooling around and take the structure of your life more seriously. The people you love count on you as much as you count on them. And they deserve to be cut as much slack as you demand they cut for your. Fair enough?

CANCER: It’s your time of year Moon Child and with the beauty of Venus so close you and in favorable aspect to Saturn, you can fix all and any misunderstandings between you, your siblings, neighbors and your partner with little effort, and the renewed sense of emotional connection to those that you love will buoy you in many other areas of your life. An opportunity for a home or time share overseas may come unexpectedly. It may be worth looking into.

LEO: Your Guardian Angel is working overtime! What may first appear as a lousy turn of events could end up as a huge blessing! The alliance between your ruler, the Sun, in your 12th house of unseen occurrences/hidden enemies and Saturn in your 2nd house of finance could yield a few possible scenarios: Two that come to mind: A routine exam could reveal a problem which if left unchecked would be a disaster-or- you miss a deadline for a speculative investment (or a deal falls through) which works in your favor too. You’re being helped and guided so stay out of your own way.

VIRGO: Your career has been on hold and the retracing of steps that has characterized the last few weeks will finally come to and end. But before a whole new cycle can kick in, you need to spend some time thinking about who you’d like to take along for the ride. The approaching new Mars/Saturn cycle will begin on July 10th. Use these few weeks to c arefully consider how you’d like the next two years of your professional life to unfold.

LIBRA: Being a work horse doesn’t have to be all drudgery, but it will be just that unless you implement an attitude adjustment immediately. The alliance between Venus and Saturn indicates that all of your efforts could favorably permeate through many areas of your life and benefit several factions. When all is said and done, that kind of success is the sweetest of all.

SCORPIO: It’s best to focus this week on supporting a cause or a partner in a communal effort than to insist on having your way and your say in the professional arena. Sharing the spot light and your unlimited power will add to your strength and momentum later on in the Summer. Be generous and show the rest of us what it means to be a team player. We could all use the guidance.

SAGITTARIUS: Though your observations are brilliant and your opinions are fascinating, much of your pontification is likely to fall on deaf ears. The toughest lesson for you is to pick and choose your audience and to always strive to improve on your timing. It’s tough when you’re in the inspiration business so to speak. But take a lesson from what happened recently to Barack Obama’s two pastors: Though what both had to say was valid, their timing couldn’t have been worse. If you must express yourself, do it on paper, or with a “pen name” online.

CAPRICORN: Your knack for getting people in La La land to face facts is legendary, but now it’s your turn to get real about a particular issue that you’ve succeeded in avoiding up until now. So if a bank, a CC company, or a lender gets a little testy, it’s because the universe is employing them to assist you to see a specific bottom line and respond in kind. On a happier note, your romantic life gets serious in ways that benefits you across the board. What you thought was a minor flirtation may soon morph into something substantial and wonderful.

AQUARIUS: A partner or spouse is on the war path and it could catch you off guard. Tough wearing an umpire’s suit or a bullet-proof vest is impractical, (especially in this heat), energetically, you need to do something to protect yourself- just in case. This could be a week where it might work well to volunteer for extra work or overtime on the weekend, as your chart is strong in the workplace. In relationships, keep the focus on building something together and save the deep psychological talks for another time.

PISCES: As your creativity flows, the romantic aspect of your life could well be on the verge of a renaissance too. A partner or best friend can and should be relied on this week to support you through a fun endeavor that starts out as a romp, but turns into something meaningful and viable. Strive for balance even when co workers aren’t holding up their end of the bargain and don’t let their laziness mess you up, especially when you’re on the verge of a fabulous roll!