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Monday, Monday:
On 9-8-08 Jupiter and Pluto Station Direct

By Shelley L. Ackerman
[From my 'Shimmering Stars' column in The Westchester Guardian, © 2008]

Photo: Rich Press

Before getting into what the forward motion of Jupiter and Pluto on Sept 8 might mean in this election season, the ICE SHELF that broke off of an island in the Canadian Arctic this week was the size of Manhattan! This as oil profits just soar higher and higher. I wonder what this world would be like if these stories went unreported, as so many do. Case in point:

Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now, two of her producers, and several hundred other dissenters were violently arrested for protesting (a constitutional right) outside of the convention hall where the GOP met in St. Paul, MN. If you haven’t seen it, here’s video of Amy’s Labor Day arrest in St. Paul. And here AMY GOODMAN grills St Paul Police Chief John Harrington a few days later.

400 more were arrested on the last day of the RNC. And for a delicious sample of the fine work that Goodman, Gonzalez and their team put forth daily, check out Amy’s Interview with “Free Ride” author Paul Waldman

McCain/Pain: You Know the Drill Baby, Drill

Odd that for a woman whose goal in life and politics (according to an article in Saturday’s NY Times) is to follow “God’s Will”, that most of her work as a politician has been focused on making the very rich, richer, except for when she isn’t busy hunting and killing moose, caribou, wolves, and whatever else she can shoot en masse from a plane that flies over the Alaskan wilderness. Conservative commentator Peggy Noonan was caught off mike at the convention saying what she really thinks of Palin!


What's he thinking?

This piece detailing Sarah Palin’s history and meteoric rise was posted by a Wasilla Alaska resident, Anne Kilkenny in the Washington Independent. Ms Kilkenny has since been interviewed by the NY Times. What a double standard. Had Palin been a Democrat, she would have been road kill by now. Plain’s 17 year old pregnant daughter is a poster child for Mom’s record of refusing to fund sex-ed for teens. Mom's pro-life, pro-guns, pro-creationism, pro-oil, anti-sex-ed stance is a throw back to pre-sufferage days. Not to be outdone, Senator Joe Liberman's love affair with John McCain and the GOP baffles the mind.

What bothered me most about the DNC, is that the Dems missed an opportunity to highlight the insidious problem of electronic voting machine-tampering by Premier (formerly Diebold), the Republican-owned company that successfully programs machines to lose Democratic votes and double up on ones for GOP candidates. Perhaps absentee ballots are the way to go for all swing states?

Back to School: Candidates Take the Gloves Off

On September 8th, there’s a meaningful double header of sorts in our solar system: After more than four months of apparent retrograde motion, and within 23 hours of one another, the planets Jupiter (expansion, luck, politics) and Pluto (profound power, hidden wealth) station and turn direct.

Jupiter, in serious and sober Capricorn, makes a cooperative (trine) aspect to Saturn as it goes forward, emphasizing a season of tight schedules and a mature, structured, and conservative approach to coping with the problems at hand. Put it this way, the energy described feels more like the cold precision of a Swiss clock than anything else. And some of my more conspiracy-minded colleagues have expressed concern that if the Dems and the Obama-Biden ticket appear to be seriously ahead, then the GOP will concoct some scenario whereby the elections could be called off all together, a “stay-cation” indeed!

Pluto turns direct on the 8th too and will, after Christmas, leave Sagittarius for now and go through Capricorn 2023-2024. Expect a complete breakdown of current political and banking systems and structures and many more political sex scandals over the next 15 years.

Charts: Pluto Direct / Jupiter Direct
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The Planets This Week:* All times EDT.
Sept 4: Moon in Scorpio, Sun trine Jupiter @ 1:41 pm
Sept 5: Moon V/C @ 11:46 am
Sept 6: Moon in Sagittarius @ 3:11 am
Sept 7: Mars square Jupiter @ 5:06 pm
Sept 8: Moon V/C @ 12:42, enters Capricorn @ 3:45 pm,
           Jupiter direct @ 12:16 am, Mercury conj Mars @ 1:44 pm,
           Jupiter trine Saturn @ 7:17 pm, Pluto direct @ 11:12 pm
Sept 9: Venus square Jupiter @ 4:12 pm
Sept 10: Moon in Capricorn V/C @ 9:15 am

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, Best for spiritual not earthly pursuits

Weekly Horoscope

ARIES: At last, a superior (or power broker) who usually keeps his (or her) distance gets down and dirty with you and the gang and shows himself to be a regular guy-one that can and will help get you where you wanna go. Accept this stroke of good luck with grace and for Pete’s sake don’t look this gift horse in the mouth. On “Back to School” Monday (Sept 8) pack a hearty lunch and tell your folks to go ahead and have dinner without you - something may come up at work. In general, this Fall your professional life must come first.

TAURUS: One never needs to look for a reason to improve on one’s health, so why wait till there’s a serious problem to get with it? A co-worker has been thinking the same thing and would be up for committing to a buddy-system approach to diet and exercise. Take them up on it: Not only will you both succeed, but the ongoing conversation could end up improving both of your financial lives too. How? Think along the lines of a service you could provide and/or a beauty or health product that would be a cinch to sell.

GEMINI: An important relationship that has not quite gotten off the ground will begin to thaw and heat up again very quickly. The question is: Are you ready for the speed at which it will progress and are you willing to give up some of your freedom and independence to give it a go? As much as you complain about loneliness, part of you has been fine with not having to check in with anyone on an ongoing basis. If you become a couple, that will change. Conversely, if a relationship has gotten stale beyond repair, a change is inevitable.

CANCER: As soon as the partner, main squeeze, spouse, or BFF you’ve been waiting on gets the green light this week, they will amp up their efforts to help you achieve something BIG. Refrain from punishing them for what you think was an unnecessary and willful delaying tactic on their part. It’s simply not true: Truth be told, neither of you were ready to roll up your sleeves before now. But all that’s over. And as you begin what could be an exceptional season, keep your eyes and ears open for ways to improve the lot of some beloved locals.

LEO: A gi-normous creative vision of yours has been percolating but stalling on and off for the past four months, so much so, that you’ve begun to doubt whether it was ever a good idea in the first place. Well, it was and it still is. And on or about Sept 8th, it’ll be all systems go. Be on the lookout for ways to get this beauty of yours funded, it will be a money-maker once launched. Additional opportunities to earn are all around you. But since you can’t take on all of them alone, find others to pinch hit and make $$ sub-contracting.

VIRGO: You are so ripe for a massive renovation at home, it isn’t even funny. And after Sept 8th it’s a slam dunk that work of some kind will begin whether you planned for it or not. The most likely spot is a recreation or entertainment area- even if you live in a studio apartment. Purge all that you no longer use and don’t be afraid of a little demolition here and there. Home is always a metaphor for the self: So it’s guaranteed that you’ll almost instantly see the amazing parallel between the upgrades in your space and some pretty stunning improvements in your life.

LIBRA: Gather up your strength, you’ll need all of it to meet the invigorating challenges that Fall ‘08 will bring: As soon as the first official “back to school” week begins on Sept 8th, there’ll be more to do than hours to do it in. Be as organized with your time and your thoughts as possible and learn to say “yes” to helping out when you can and “no” when you can’t, without feeling guilty about it. This is especially important to implement with family members who can’t or won’t honor the fact that you have your own list to deal with. Bu don’t fret, an understanding will be arrived at by the first week in November.

SCORPIO: As money issues start to work themselves out (very much to your liking), and communication improves between factions in your life, you may become aware of what’s been motivating you on a very deep level. The activity in your dreams and/or stirrings in your waking life may point to past life memories of injustices that are cropping up (in similar themes) in the here and now. Since we can’t go back in time, there’s only one thing to do with these revelations, and that is to use our strength to see to it that said injustices will never occur on our watch.

SAGITTARIUS: Ironically, in the midst of all of the chaos around you, you experience a profound clarity and a renewal of faith in yourself and in what’s possible for you, despite evidence to the contrary. Pluto direct in your first house on the 8th, gives you a renewed sense of power, one that will transform your values from head to toe over the next 15 years. A very conservative authority figure at work has observed your contribution and likes what he sees. A small but useful raise is in the offing, but more importantly, you’ve earned the respect of a loyal ally.

CAPRICORN: In the past few weeks during the vice presidential selection process of both candidates, we’ve heard a lot about “vetting” the candidates. This excruciating exercise is about as uncomfortable as having cameras in every room of your house 24/7 and needing to explain the footage to strangers. Ouch. The sign of Capricorn does not take well to being scrutinized nor does it like to have to answer to anyone. But often, an initiation requires that we subject ourselves to this kind of humiliation to get what we love most: advancement! Understood?

AQUARIUS: After four frustrating months, the direct motion of Pluto, planet of power and wealth, in your 11th house of community affairs, finally gets a pet project out of mothballs and back on track. But don’t flip out if a neighbor or sibling challenges you (or the group involved) by raising some questions that could delay or prevent the next steps from happening on schedule. The points they bring up are valid and must be addressed. In retrospect, you’ll see the benefit of having these issues tended to now rather than later.

PISCES: Though you may not realize it or even feel it just yet, many of your prayers are in the process of being answered one by one and the career changes that are about to unfold will be monumental: Help things along by staying close with and being supportive of those who have been loyal to you through the toughest times. The benefits of their stabilizing influence cannot be over emphasized. Several pals who were taking their time and keeping their options open are now absolutely on board. Hallelujah!