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Shine on Harvest Moon 2008

By Shelley L. Ackerman
[From my 'Shimmering Stars' column in The Westchester Guardian, © 2008]

Photo: Rich Press

Sarah Palin: A Breath of Hot Air

Prior to the airing of her interview with ABC’s Charles Gibson this week in which, according to Alessandra Stanley “(Palin’s) eyes at times looked uncertain and her voice hesitated, and she looked like a student trying to bend prepared answers to fit unexpected questions”, McCain’s VP hopeful was outed and criticized for having billed the State of Alaska $16,951.00 for 312 nights spent at home, and charged the state for her family’s travel expenses. Dick Cavett’s post and Bob Herbert’s “She’s Not Ready” both hit the spot, as does this NYT beauty, “In Office Palin Hired Friends and Hit Critics”, a comprehensive look at how the anti-abortion, anti-book, and pro-gun Mama got here from there.

Sarah: no PALin of Gibson's

I found this vignette especially revealing:

“The administration’s e-mail correspondence reveals a siege-like atmosphere. Top aides keep score, demean enemies and gloat over successes. Even some who helped engineer her rise have felt her wrath. Dan Fagan, a prominent conservative radio host and longtime friend of Ms. Palin, urged his listeners to vote for her in 2006. But when he took her to task for raising taxes on oil companies, he said, he found himself branded a “hater.” It is part of a pattern, Mr. Fagan said, in which Ms. Palin characterizes critics as “bad people who are anti-Alaska.”

And finally, billed by the NYT as "Palin Versus Thinking", Maureen Dowd’s take from Alaska is priceless.

Please give me a break. This race is about one thing: Taxes. No matter how many bible verses are quoted, or how well McCain’s attempt at sounding like Ronald Reagan succeeds, all anyone needs to do is take in what both candidates propose tax-wise. In short, Obama keeps them low for those who earn under $250 K, and McCain reduces them for the very rich especially those who earn over $600 K. No mystery at all.

And on a deeper level, Deepak Chopra explained that Obama’s threatening idealism had to elicit a response from the right wing. In this piece, which appeared last week on The Huffington Post, Chopra identifies Palin as Obama’s shadow. It’s classic.

Jacob’s Asteroids:

But the McCain/Palin ticket is by no means a shoe in. According to Jacob Schwartz Ph,D. who specializes in asteroids and accurately predicted the outcome of Election 2000, the Obama-Biden ticket has the edge: Working with “Asteroid Signatures” the program he created, Schwartz explains that the asteroid “Bidelman” (which he uses for Biden) is closest to “Washingtonia” (used for Washington DC) than any of the other significators. The asteroid “McKay” (used for McCain) is at 18 Sag 57 on Election Day, exactly square to Saturn and Uranus. “Sara” (used for Sarah Palin), is opposite “Bidelman”. Too cute! “BAMBAM” (used for Obama) is at 7 Sag 34 on Nov 4th, conj. “Josefina” (used for Joseph Biden) and trine “Bidelman”. The asteroid “Bracker” which Jacob uses for Barack is at 28 Capricorn on Election Day. This is square to “America” (28 Libra on Election Day conj. Mercury). About this Jacob says, “Squares are not bad. They motivate resolution. I interpret this positively for Obama.” Jacob's email is jacob_schwartz{a}msn.com

Venus and Mars Aligned on 9-11; Harvest Moon Lights Up Sky:

On the lighter and more pleasant side of things, those love planets have been at it again. Venus and Mars conjoined on the seventh anniversary of 9-11 at just past 15 degrees of Libra, within a degree of the ascendant of the chart of that fateful first “hit” at 8:46 am on Tuesday, 9-11-2001. The Sabian Symbol for 16 Libra is: “After the winter storm, a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction”.

And the symbol manifested quite literally: there was one hell of a hurricane this week named Ike that devastated Galveston, Texas. How interesting that Palin’s first prime time interview coincided with “Ike” and the most devastating train wreck in Los Angeles that Southern California has seen in 15 years.

When the VeriChips are Down:

In his NYT Opinion of Sept 6th, The Two Weeks You Missed, William Falk reminded us of the 1984 Big Brother type sci-fi fantasy, only it’s real, it’s here, and it’s now:

INTERNAL G.P.S.: First, tracking devices were installed in cars so they could be found if stolen. Then, pet owners began putting chips in their dogs and cats. Now it’s human beings who are being “chipped.” An epidemic of kidnappings has led wealthy and even middle-class Mexicans to pay $4,000 to have tiny transmitters implanted that can pinpoint their location by satellite.
Chipping people has already begun in the United States, where VeriChip has inserted chips in 200 Alzheimer’s patients for a pilot program. Future Big Brother applications are not hard to imagine, like chipping prisoners, the mentally ill and teenagers who lie about where they’re really spending Friday night.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Govt. Bailouts = Multiple Millions for Failed Chiefs:

In case you had any doubts about what this current administration is really committed to, pay attention to the recent housing crisis bail out: In what should exclusively be a rescue package for those in dire straights about to lose their homes, the government bailout for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, has a few glaring loopholes: Namely, golden parachutes for three top executives of the failed companies for between nine and fourteen million dollars each. In total, that money could have easily saved the homes of at least 500 families.

Charts: Harvest Moon
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The Planets This Week:* All times EDT.
Sept 11: Moon enters Aquarius @ 3:20 am, Venus and Mars conjoin @ 10:06 pm
Sept 12: Sun opp Uranus @ 10:21 pm
Sept 13: Moon V/C @ 9:19 am, enters Pisces @ 12:04 pm
Sept 14: Mercury conj Venus @ 9:37 pm
Sept 15: Harvest Moon @ 5:13 am, Moon V/C @ 3:03 pm,
            enters Aries @ 5:39 am
Sept 17: Moon V/C @ 6:26 pm, enters Taurus @ 8:57 pm,
            Venus trine Neptune @ 9:59 am

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, Best for spiritual not earthly pursuits

Weekly Horoscope

ARIES: The thrill of romance, love, and/or a new and exciting creative partnership is alive and well in your chart, but the onus is on YOU to make it all work. This won’t be as tough as it sounds: The Full (Harvest) Moon on Sept 15 sheds plenty of light on who, what, when, where, and how you tend to sabotage yourself. Plus, you get the gift of a clarity that has eluded you for eons, one that will help to eliminate those self-destructive habits for good. If played right, this will be the most enjoyable autumn you’ve had in years.

TAURUS: When Venus and Mars align, it’s party time. And the festivities take place on the job and during working hours. For the next few weeks, those 9 to 5 hours are more social than anything else. Whistle while you work indeed, dress the part, and while you’re at it, make sure to keep track of exchanges and contact info. Your notes will come in handy . There may be a changing of the guard in the (female) friends department, and if so, take a “Live and let live” approach, it’s always best.

GEMINI: It’s a good thing you like amusement parks (you do, don’t you?) because the next few weeks will offer you quite a selection of rides! Venus and Mars don’t have to wreck havoc in your 5th house of pleasure and love affairs but they could if you give the love planets full reign to do whatever the heck they want. Let your higher self be in charge of this show, and remember, there’s more than one way to cash in on this delicious energy: Fly solo and give birth to a work of art that’s been percolating for two or more years.

CANCER: How far would you go for a profound romance that rocks your world? Or better yet, what might you be willing to change or give up for a love-match that could endure the test of time? Venus and Mars begin a new cycle on 9-11 in your 4th house of home, family, and security, and love like this rarely holds such promise. The Full (Harvest) Moon in your 9th house of foreign affairs/philosophy suggests that there’s some literal or figurative “travel” involved. Be flexible: One way or another, you will shift physically, emotionally, spiritually, and/or politically. If you’re married or committed- you’ll re-invent the wheel together.

LEO: You don’t have to go to Philadelphia to experience brotherly love. The Venus/Mars alignment on 9-11 takes place in your 3rd house and in your own backyard. The range of possible manifestations that will follow this hook-up include: A joyful social event involving the neighborhood, good romantic news from a sibling who you never thought would get it together, and/or love for you where you’d least expect it. Whatever happens in that department, be prepared for that old back and forth dance through Nov 4.

VIRGO: While most need to put their money where their mouth is, you need to do the opposite: Your mouth must now go where your money is. Besides talking to those who know the ins and outs of the financial world, clear your throat and give voice to what you truly value and hold dear: Superficial lip service just won’t do anymore and others will benefit from what you have to say. This process will take place through Election Day, but you and all in your sphere will come out better and stronger. If a romantic interest can’t or won’t pay his or her way, dump ‘em.

LIBRA: On 9-11, Venus and Mars conjoin and you’re quite the prize to many beholders. And where love’s concerned, the ball is clearly in your court. Now it’s up to you to decide how and if you want to proceed with what’s offered. Mercury will be back and forth in your first house through Nov 4, so there’s time to observe and mull things over. Know that whatever you sign on for (love, work, a new venture) there will be plenty of work involved, but it’s the kind that’s so necessary and so good for your soul.

SCOPRIO: A secret dalliance could turn out to be much more than you bargained for, in fact, it could be the real thing. But until this proves to be the case, you are wise to keep things under wraps at least for a while. If love isn’t your thing right now, the Venus/Mars hook up in your 12th house of hidden dealings could describe a business arrangement that needs time to develop before being show the light of day.

SAGITTARIUS: Has there been a shared interest or a common goal that has moved you of late? Unless you’ve been to one of the conventions this Summer, look around you and revisit the idea of who “your people” really are. Is it time to re-populate your tribe? If romance is what you’re after, love has the best shot at blooming in an environment that serves the common good.

CAPRICORN: Oh boy, just when your rise to power seems so in the bag, a flirtation in the career sector of your chart is flying high in full view and there for all the world to see. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing or a detriment to your professional life-not by a long shot. In fact, this new addition may be just the thing you’ve needed to get you where you wanna go. Be on your best behavior and watch what you say. People will judge you on how well you treat your partner.

AQUARIUS: Remember how in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy (Judy Garland) meets Professor Marvel and wants to travel with him to see all of the crowned heads of Europe, only he didn’t really know any? Well, on and after the Venus/Mars conjunction of 9-11, you may meet up with someone enticing who promises you the world, but…. you know the rest. That isn’t to say that a cup of coffee or a drink with one who fascinates should be avoided, but I’d think twice before going on line and buying a one-way ticket to a paradise that doesn’t exist.

PISCES: The love bug could very well bite you on 9-11 or soon thereafter and put you in a deep state of ooh-lah lah, which will be further added to by the Full Moon on 9-15. Though it’ll be hard to remain clear and present through it all, try. This is after all, a “Harvest Moon”, and you will undoubtedly reap what you sow. Whoever the object of your affection (or projection) is, he or she will serve your greater good by showing you a part of yourself you didn’t know before.