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Mars Enters Scorpio;
Rx Mercury Conjoins Sun, Squares Jupiter

By Shelley L. Ackerman
[From my 'Shimmering Stars' column in The Westchester Guardian, © 2008]

Photo: Rich Press

Oct 3, 2008 -A Day of Infamy or What?
Bogus Bailout Signed by Bush, Howard Stern Marries Beth O., and OJ Guilty - At Last!

Yes, the day after the Biden-Palin debate, will go down in infamy! The Bailout Bill was signed in DC (with Mercury retro) @ 2:48 pm EDT. Astrologers know that this will not stick or be carried out as written. A few hours later, wedding bells chimed in the Big Apple for Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky. The invitation called for 7PM on Friday, so we assume that they married with (Mercury Rx) and Mars @ 29 Libra on the descendant-oy!

And at around 11:25 pm Las Vegas time (PDT), thirteen years to the day after his outrageous acquittal for the murder of his former wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, OJ Simpson was found guilty of armed robbery, kidnapping and 10 other criminal counts and faces life in prison. The decision will be appealed, but I personally think his days of freedom are over. Pluto in Sagittarius began with his trial and acquittal (1995), and it ends with his incarceration. OJ’s innocence was as ridiculous and insulting to many then as Sarah Palin’s candidacy for VP is now.

Perky Palin overstepped her bounds, didn’t answer the questions, stuck to her script, and was beyond obnoxious in her televised debate with Joe Biden. Out of all of the commentary analyzing Thursday night’s event, Bob Herbert of the NY Times, nailed it best. In his “Palins’s Alternate Universe” he describes Sarah P. as the perfect exclamation point to the Bush years. "Give ’em the Old Razzle Dazzle"? You betcha! To me, Palin is a cross between Britney Spears and Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie.

Regis and Kelly would be better.

Voices of Reason $$:

Leading up to and illustrating the horrors of banking deregulation and “greed is good” ideology that contributed to the financial meltdown, here are some of the most obscene payouts: Ranging from $8 million-$161 million, check out this list of 12 of the top golden parachuters.

Days before Friday’s vote, investor, publisher, and real estate mogul Mort Zuckerman (b. June 4, 1937-with a natal earth grand trine) appeared on Charlie Rose with some sound and moral advice. He felt strongly that those who benefited most in the past eight years should have the lion’s share of the responsibility for cleaning up the mess. The next day, billionaire and Jupiter-Pluto poster child Warren Buffet had some extremely valuable things to add. Buffet has to be commended for putting his money where his mouth is. In the midst of this quagmire he invested $5 billion in Goldman Sacks. But the prize for best and gutsiest solution goes to Michael Moore. Check out his point by point plan to fix this horror show. It makes such sense. Moore is a clever, courageous and outstanding American. No wonder the bad guys made a movie to diss him. Moore’s honesty and humanity scares the hell out of O’Reilly, Hannity, and Rove.

Mars in Scorpio-Time to Take the Gloves Off

“Get out of my way!” demands the native with Mars in Scorpio, as he or she storms the Bastille and destroys whatever or whoever is in his path. After all, the Mars in Scorpio motto is “Get results NOW or die!”.

It’s hard to fathom that the aggression of the past several weeks took place with Mars in sweet and gentle Libra. HAH! Lord knows what we can expectgoing forward as both Mars and Venus transit the Pluto-ruled eighth sign of the zodiac. What’s Mars in Scorpio like, you ask? Ask Joe Biden and watch him emerge in the next few weeks- he has it natally.

Mars entered scorpio on October 4th at 12:34 am EDT. He will remain in Scorpio through early November 16th including Election Day, when the red planet will be challenged by deceptive Neptune, but more on that dicey aspect, and the probable voting machine shenanigans Neptune is so capable of a little later.

As stated earlier, Senator Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for Vice President, has four planets: the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Scorpio. Observe his commanding energy expand during this transit. Perhaps even more than Obama, Biden is the man to pay attention to now.

As of this writing, John McCain the one time Viet Nam hero, and Barack Obama are three days away from their second debate, the first one to follow the bailout bill which both signed. Who will lead this nation as we enter the Pluto in Capricorn years?

Astrologically, this is just the very beginning of the breaking down and ultimate rebuilding of all major world structures and institutions-including banks and governments- that will characterize the transit of Pluto in Capricorn 2008-2024. As a reminder- Pluto’s cycle is 249 years. Pluto was last in Capricorn in the 1770’s when the American Revolution took place. I’ve been saying for quite sometime that another is imminent.

Before leaving the Pluto-Scorpio discussion, I want to mention one of my favorite Scorpios: Dick Cavett. The former talk show host and brilliant observer of culture and life, now blogs for the NY Times. I’m such a fan. Here, Cavett posts a fond and juicy farewell to actor Paul Newman. Newman died last week as Jupiter conjoined his Capricorn ascendant . The next solar eclipse will be on what would have been Newman’s 84th birthday - Jan 26, 2009. An argument for the power of an eclipse’s influence months in advance?

One last look-Yankee Stadium I: April 18, 1923-Sept 21, 2008

Pluto was in Cancer in 1923 and the Sun in Aries, when The House that Ruth built, Yankee Stadium, began its 85 year reign. Next April 16th, the Sun will be in Aries but both Pluto and the Moon will be in Capricorn when the new stadium opens its doors. Capricorn is all about big business and the new stadium will have fewer regular priced seats but several hundred more expensive corporate luxury boxes. A sign of the times. Here’s one last look at the old place.

Chart: Mars in Scorpio
Click for larger view

The Planets This Week:* All times EDT.
Oct 2: Moon in Scorpio V/C @ 6:47 pm
Oct 3: Moon enters Sagittarius @ 11:14 am
Oct 4: Mars enters Scorpio @ 12:34 am
Oct 5: Moon V/C @ 9:08 pm, enters Capricorn @ 11:48 pm,
           Venus sextile Jupiter @ 4:22 pm
Oct 6: Sun square Jupiter @ 12:52 pm, Sun conjunct Mercury @ 4:53 pm
           Mercury square Jupiter @ 7:46 pm
Oct 7: Moon V/C @ 3:37 pm, Venus sextile Saturn @ 1:42 pm
Oct 8: Moon in Aquarius @ 12:03 pm

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, Best for spiritual not earthly pursuits

Weekly Horoscope

ARIES: When your ruling planet Mars enters Scorpio on October 4th, you’ll be tempted - at the slightest perceived provocation - to throw whatever sense of diplomacy you have out the window, but don’t. If you give into your lower nature, the damage could be irreparable, and for what? A quick thrill in seeing the other guy squirm? If being lonely for the next two years sounds good, no problem, But if you want companionship, take the next six weeks to explore your shadow thoroughly and transform your inner poltergeist into the more positive ‘spirit’ that moves you.

TAURUS: So you’re minding your own business, taking care of the many details of your life with quiet devotion and splat! Everyone around you goes nuts and assumes you’re available for intense therapy 24/7. With Mars in Scorpio (in your 7th house of partnership) for the next several weeks, don’t expect reasonable behavior from a significant other, spouse or best friend. And since a partner may be overly possessive and jealous too, it’s best to batten down the hatch and go into self-preservation mode. Focus on work and you’ll have less time to engage.

GEMINI: It’s a good thing you’re born under the sign of the twins, ‘cause for now you’ll need both of you to live out the double duty demands of the next several weeks. Don’t get me wrong, though intense, if approached right, you’re in for a heck of a good time. Try to catch some zzz’s in between shifts and have a change of clothes, a memory stick, and a toothbrush with you at all times. And with all the ‘extra attention’ comin’ your way, try to keep your stories straight-if you catch my drift.

CANCER: It’s hard to know what means more to you –your birth family, your spouse, your home, or your over-all sense of security. Well, for the time being, each and every one of them is either in a state of flux or in conflict with the other and there’s little you can do about it. Yes, letting go and riding out the storm is easier said than done, but you’ve weathered this uncertainty before and have been better for it every time. Be on the lookout for a thrilling speculative project- if offered by a superior you know and trust, it’s a winner.

LEO: Whenever a priest, minister, or cleric is part of a family gathering, it’s usually a very special event. This time though, it’s impossible to keep things superficial and light. So whether this is literally what’s going on or not, the metaphor of “visitor with a message” is active in your chart. Know that whoever comes into your home or personal sphere is here at this time to stir things up and to bring something hidden out into the open. Don’t dismiss it: this is an important piece of the puzzle.

VIRGO: The minute you’re calm enough to sit down and repair your financial entanglements, your siblings show up for a round of good cop/bad cop. First, a brother or a neighbor in quite a state disrupts your world with unreasonable demands on your time and energy. This is only a test. Stay out of his and all other cyclones in the area. And by the same token, avoid all motorcycles, fast cars and fast-talkers for the time being. On the other hand, a sister’s wise words prove invaluable and will help you solve a long-standing issue. You may know someone good to fix her up with.

LIBRA: When a partner or significant other makes a bee line to help get you a better $$ deal, stay out of their way and let them serve you. They know what they’re doing and have your best interests at heart. As a matter of fact, where finances are concerned, for the next few weeks, don’t go it alone. In all other areas, it’s absolutely right on the money for you to be in a state of reflection. Question everything from top to bottom (what do I want, where do I want to live, what and who do I need around me) and let the answers come. After your birthday so much will be clearer.

SCORPIO: Now that Mars has entered your sign, there’s no stopping you. Just be clear about what you want and put the extra time in to make sure that each and everyone in your ‘team’ is on the same page as you. A little sloppiness, misplaced selfishness, and/or a little too much “me-me-me-me” can cost you, and you don’t need those particular consequences right now. In the next few weeks that sense of being tied down and too interdependent will fade and you’ll be freer to pursue your own path.

SAGITTARIUS: Some good real estate energy makes a move or an addition possible, particularly if we’re looking at a deal that fell though in the past. Months ago, when you couldn’t make this happen, you were bummed. But now you see that luck was on your side-as the price is now much more to your liking. If a move isn’t in the cards, an upgrade of your surroundings is. Take yourself and your self-worth more seriously-and see to it that your environment reflects it.

CAPRICORN: Professionally, you’re in a reactive and contemplative state. Unfortunately the people around you are filled with adrenaline and are demanding that you make some decisions that will determine policies going forward. But the time to lock in said policies and other arrangements is not quite right and you know it. Stick to your guns and let the situation ripen. They (the ‘natives’) will recognize the wisdom in having the guts to wait and will thank you later.

AQUARIUS: Though people around you are losing their careers left and right, you’re busier than ever and are encouraged to seize the day and TCB (take care of business) without feeling guilty. That is not to say that you shouldn’t feel compassion for your less fortunate counterparts, but don’t waste your precious time and emotional energy when you need both to make a go of it. When you’re in a position to help a buddy or two out, you will.

PISCES: In this very heated election season, Mars in Scorpio puts an unexpected bee in your bonnet and you find it next to impossible to remain silent in the face of injustice. So rather than get into one bar room brawl after another with those who are incapable of understanding the depth of what’s at stake, find a way to channel your political passions productively. You can and will make a difference.