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Obama‘s Magic Moves:
Aprés the Neptune Square to the Taurus Full Moon,
Mars Enters ’New & ImprovedSagittarius

By Shelley L. Ackerman
[From my 'Shimmering Stars' column in The Westchester Guardian, © 2008]

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Doesn’t it make astrological sense that there'd be an extra special dramatic crescendo to punctuate the last days of Pluto in Sagittarius? And that there’d be some evidence that our mainstream religious, political, and broadcasting institutions, having been through the rigors of the 13 year transit, would show signs of beginning to morph into wiser and healthier versions of their former selves?

Okay, this Neptunian dreams a bit more (and expects more) than she should and admittedly, I’ll never toss my rose-colored glasses into the dumpster - especially now, after the Obama win. But I’m not completely crazy - there have been many colorful stories to illustrate and correlate to the vibrant 30th degree of Sagittarius (with the appropriate Sabian Symbol - “The Pope Blessing the Faithful”):

I suspect that quite a number of TV political junkies’ dreams came true by way of the post Election Day scuffle between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly. Stewart gave O’Reilly a stuffed animal to snuggle to comfort him in the wake of the Obama win and Democrats’ gains. True to form, “Belligerent Bill” was characteristically ungracious.

In contrast, the only responses that the ever engaging Dick Cavett need be concerned with, are those of is rapt readers of his bi-weekly NY Times Talk Show Blog. This week Cavett’s ”The Wordsmith of Wasilla” captures the absurdity of Sarah Palin’s command or lack thereof of the English language. (Is it just me, or is Palin seeming more and more like a media crack addict?) One clever commenter (Jean-Pierre Harrison) referred to her as “The Anna Nicole Smith of politics: She is completely unable to grasp that she is the joke”. Another (Clarissa Romero) pointed out that “Sarah’s endless language fillers are used to compensate for her empty thoughts”. How refreshing to enjoy so many loyal followers’ responses to the erudite Dick Cavett’s postings. Happy Birthday to you, sir on November 19th!

And just when you thought the possibility of the Obama/Clinton Dream Team was dead for good, Hillary is reportedly seriously being considered for Secretary of State in what will be Obama’s “All-Star Cabinet”. I always loved the way they looked together. And though President Bill Clinton’s global endeavors and involvements may be a deterrent, and ladies’ man (and Clinton defector for Obama), Gov. Bill Richardson’s a contender (Bill R’s birthday is today Nov 15, he’s just 20 days younger than Hillary), Clinton 42’s 2008 solar return indicated a probable change of residence, which would fit this scenario. Gail Collins’ “Hillary for Secretary” covers the pros and cons of a Madame Secretary Clinton very well. Though it’s unlikely, this is one time I ask Maureen Dowd to leave the Clintons alone.

Furthering the End Days of Pluto in Sagittarius theme, our beloved “Lady of Journalistic Integrity”, Amy Goodman, had two fabulous interviews this week: One was with Liza Mundy, Michelle Obama’s biographer on what kind of First Lady she’ll be, Michelle Robinson’s story is remarkable. She is the descendant of slaves which makes her new role that much more poignant. The other was with Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, who speaks about Obama’s historic visit to the Oval Office this week. If you’ll recall, Oprah Winfrey starred in the film version of Walker’s book. One political mathematical equation said: Obama minus Oprah = Hillary. “Purple” was published in 1982, on the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra.

Re: Mars in Sagittarius Ingress

On Nov 16, the red planet charges into Sagittarius. Mars' bravado and aggressiveness is very much at home in all fire signs, and in Sagittarius, he'll fight to the finish for what he believes in. What's daunting about the ingress chart for NYC, is that it has the identical angles to chart for the time the first plane hit the twin towers on 9-11-01. Also disturbing up ahead, is the Mars/Pluto conjunction on Dec 28th, at 1 degree of Capricorn, the Mars return of 9-11. Not to be a fear-monger, but as astrologers we have a responsibility to give these kinds of observations out as a heads up for all to be aware of.


While one pastor Rev. Ed Young extolled the saintliness of sex and religion, another, Rev. Jay Scott Newman in South Carolina, blasted Catholic parishioners for voting for Obama, because “supporting him constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil."

But my favorite cleric of all, and poster child for the Pluto in Sagittarius years is none other than The Reverend Billy, and his “Church of Stop Shopping”. Rev Billy is a master showman with an oh so timely and relevant anti-consumerism message. And his delivery is clever and his joy so infectious.

From Talk Show to Light Show:

And lastly, from inner and outer space:a mysterious light show from Saturn (undoubtedly triggered by the opposition from electrifying Uranus) and a brilliant red dust ring surrounding the fixed star Fomalhaut. The 17th brightest star, and one of the four fixed “Royal Stars”, at 3 degrees of Pisces, Fomalhaut signifies, according to Fixed Star authority Diana Rosenberg, "spiritual aspirations; stubbornly fixed beliefs; the awareness of the cruelties, sufferings, and weaknesses of mankind. Mundane: Attacks, air and shipwrecks..."

How fitting for this timely emanation from Fomalhaut on these, the last days of Pluto in fundamentalist Sagittarius. An update to the story can be read here.

Chart: Mars in Sagittarius
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The Planets This Week:* All times EDT.
(Daylight Time Reverts to Standard Time @ 2am Sunday)

Nov 13: Moon in Taurus, V/C @ 12:13 pm, enters Gemini @ 3:11 pm
            Jupiter sextile Uranus @ 12:39 am, Full Moon @ 1:17 am,
            Sun square Neptune @ 7:32 am
Nov 15: Moon in Gemini, V/C @ 2:17 pm, enters Cancer @ 2:52 pm
Nov 16: Mercury trine Uranus @ 1:27 am, Mars enters Sagittarius @ 3:27 am
            Mercury sextile Jupiter @ 11:00 am, Mercury trine Saturn @ 7:28 am
Nov 17: Moon in Cancer V/C @ 8:43 am, enters Leo @ 4:07 pm,
            Mercury square Neptune @ 6:31 pm
Nov 19: Moon in Leo V/C @ 7:47 pm, enters Virgo @ 8:13 pm

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, Best for spiritual not earthly pursuits

Weekly Horoscope

ARIES: After the Nov 13th Full Moon highlights, sets, and fixes your financial course of action for the months ahead, you’ll be clearer on whom you can depend for backing and/or solid advice- at least for now. Your ruler, Mars, charges into your 9th house of legal, religious, philosophical, and foreign affairs and though you’re in no mood to reign in your strong opinions, this no time for the ‘charge of the light brigade’ so to speak. We’ve been changed and are now in the process of re-learning ways to respect and work with our differences.

TAURUS: As is usually the case, your financial bottom line is your number one consideration, and the thought of being the least bit dependent on the whims and incompetence of others makes you shudder, and rightly so. But for now, it’s in your best interest to stay in dialogue with several individuals and to select from an array of voices who offer up several approaches on handling security needs. Oddly enough, those who you’d ordinarily be dismissive of could be more on target than the authorities you’ve trusted (and were let down by) in the past.

GEMINI: Strive to align your natural inquisitiveness with an expanded attention span and some patience, and you’ll do yourself a world of good. The Full Moon on Nov 13th on the health and work sector of your chart describes a ‘work-in-progress’ financial scenario: Unseen forces (some good-some not) are at play which may include mixed signals from the legal dept., a missing email/text, and/or confusing news from abroad. None of the above need impact you negatively, but stay alert: A golden economic/career opportunity could pop at a moment’s notice and you must be present to see it and grab it before the competition does.

CANCER: This week some of your best work and good fortune comes by way of a fun excursion with a group of best buds. The challenge is to have a blast, pay attention to your surroundings, but keep a part of yourself responsive and responsible to work demands -all at the same time. Mars enters and energizes your 6th house of health, work, and scheduling making it easier to keep more than two cylinders going. Be willing to give extra (to a superior) if asked- racking up extra brownie points now will serve you later.

LEO: POW-Wows-R-US may well be your motto for the week ahead, as conversations with various players, advisers, friends, and relatives to determine economic and career strategies for the next six months will occupy a big chunk of your time. A partner who usually offers great insight may not be able to express him or herself that clearly, but don’t ignore them completely –the key and the gold is lodged between the lines. ALSO they may need your ESP and strength to get through a rough patch. See if you can phone it in – for now, your best work is done at home.

VIRGO: Your depth of perception is uncanny and accurate to the last detail so trust it no matter what. The confusion in the workplace, though no fault of your own, compromises the comfort zones of everyone you interact with on a daily basis. Things are in a state of flux but you’re stable for now. Try to not let worry and what may or may not happen rule the day and wreck what could otherwise be a very productive time.

LIBRA: Though concerns about money are understandable, the real basis for your uneasiness has to do with a sense of powerlessness regarding your family. The serenity prayer-especially the part about the wisdom to know the difference between the things you can and can’t change is especially useful. Mars enters your 3rd house of media a communication on Nov 16th, and it’s time to sing out Louise and re-enter the fray with some new and refreshing insights. The funny thing is, once you feel as if you’ve been heard, the other problems seem that much more surmountable and solvable.

SCORPIO: This week, Mercury, the planet of communication in your sign, makes aspects and connections all over the place making you feel like an air-traffic controller and a ground dispatcher all at the same time. Yes, everyone seems to be running everything by you. And while it’s annoying to be referenced in on so much, it’s to your liking to know all that’s going on. Your ruling planet, Mars, enters your money house on the 16th and an economic reprieve will surely follow.

SAGITTARIUS: Though few have noticed, the past six weeks have drained you big time, but all of that is about to end with feisty Mars’ entrance into your sign on the 16th. So now the question is: what to do with the extra energy? Take your cues from Scorpio Joe Biden (our incoming VP) and wait for further instructions. And while you’re at it, try to keep your mouth shut J

CAPRICORN: The events of the past ten days have gotten you thinking on a very deeply about where the world is heading and what your role is going forward. Though everything has changed on one level, on another it’s clear that many will still try to operate as though it’s business as usual. It’s up to you to show the rest of us the way in these changing times, for you are truly better prepared to navigate these waters than you realize. Choose your allies responsibly. A partner or spouse has a creative idea worth mulling over.

AQUARIUS: The Nov 13th Full Moon emphasizes the tug of war between the needs of home/family and those of your professional life. For the time being, your work should take precedent: Mercury, the planet of communication is at the top of your chart aspecting several planets in your money houses this week. Things will be happening fast and the tendency to space out must be offset by several back up systems. Are your blackberry, cell phone, and/or PC in working order? If not, pay someone to check in and keep you apprised of all developments- and responsive to them.

PISCES: It is of utmost importance to be aware of the ways in which you sabotage yourself and to do the opposite. The entire world is ready to help you achieve your goals but you must show up for your own life. Stop wasting psychic and emotional energy on what might have been. Mars, the planet of action and ruler of your house of earnings rises to the top of your chart on Nov 16th and like it or not, you’re up at bat through Dec 26th. Many are counting on you.