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On Thanksgiving Sagittarius New Moon,
Uranus Stations Direct
Terrorism in India as Pluto Enters Capricorn

By Shelley L. Ackerman
[From my 'Shimmering Stars' column in The Westchester Guardian, © 2008]

Photo: Rich Press

Breaking News:
Multiple Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai

Within hours of Pluto’s ingress into zero Capricorn (the Aries Point), reports of at least 87 deaths and more than 240 injuries were reported the result of coordinated terrorist attacks in at least two five-star hotels, Mumbai’s largest train station, a movie theater and a hospital. Dozens of hostages have been taken with American and British citizens being singled out.

Taj Mahal Hotel

On Larry King Live, Deepak Chopra said that it is imperative that investigators learn where the funding for this complex operation has come from. We need to know if Saudi petrodollars are financing these groups.

New York Terrorist Advisory: The Feds have warned of rumblings about terror plots aimed at NYC mass transportation. Pluto has just gone over the 29 degree Sagittarius Venus-Mars conjunction in NYC’s astrological(transportation) third house. Pluto will transit NYC’s 4th house cusp in 2012.

On Uranus-Neptune Returns of 1841 Shipwreck,
a Slave Ship is Found in Caribbean

The Trouvadore Slave Ship has been identified: Marine archaeologists have found the remains of a slave ship wrecked off the Turks and Caicos Islands in 1841, setting free the ancestors of many current residents of those islands. According to reports, some 192 slaves survived the disaster. Uranus was at 20 degrees Pisces through much of 1841, Neptune was at 15-17 Aquarius that year. The late 1830’s and early 1840’s also featured the same Uranus/Neptune mutual reception that has been in play since 2003.

Look Out For Those Balloons!

On Thanksgiving Day, Uranus, the ‘shocker’ stations direct. I can’t think of a more bizarre condition for travel and balloons (at the Macy Parade) than this one. All of us need to be especially careful with electricity, water, and machinery - cars too, of course. And though I may sound like a broken record, do stay off of cell phones and texting while driving, thank you very much. The Uranus standstill promises an explosive energy and things coming out of the wood work. Stay cool and calm, and err on the side of caution, and if that means keeping your mouth shut at family dinners, so be it.

In the evening sky this weekend, a conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter offers a treat for those of us that can get far enough away from the city lights to take in the spectacle.

Caroline Kennedy

Happy Birthday Caroline Kennedy, Janet Napolitano, and Rahm Emanuel

There’s a New Moon in fiery Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day, which happens to be Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s 51st birthday. Caroline will always be America’s Princess. She has grown up to be a brilliant lawyer, accomplished author, and a superb wife and mother. Caroline got behind Senator Barack Obama early in 2008. Her op-ed for the New York Times, “A President Like My Father” was key at turning the tide early on toward the now President-elect’s favor.

New Moons, especially on one’s birthday, always point to a brand new chapter in one’s life. The Sabian Symbol for 5-6 degrees of Sagittarius is “a game of cricket”. This symbol speaks of a very civilized sport (writes Lynda Hill), one that describes a team effort. Interesting that soon to be President Obama is assembling his cabinet now, on this New Moon, about a month in advance of most previous President-elects. Though Ms. Kennedy-Schlossberg has not been mentioned for a cabinet post, there has been speculation as to her possible diplomatic post (internationally) or an involvement at the United Nations. Either would be wonderful.

As was stated last week, the favorite for the Homeland Security Cabinet post , and influenced by the New Moon, is Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano (born Nov 29, 1957), who shares her birthday with Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s chief of staff). Had she lived, Barack Obama’s late mother, Anne Dunham would have been 66 years old on Nov 29. Rounding out the list of late November Sagittarians influenced by the New Moon who will be in Obama’s team is Lawrence Summers (born Nov 30, 1954) who will be Director of the Economic Council. Other Sagittarians on Obama’s team include Tom Daschle and John O. Brennan. The Sadges and the Scorpios (Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, and Susan Rice) heavily populate the Obama cabinet, and why not? Scorpio and Sagittarius cover Obama’s 9th and 10th houses and light up his midheaven beautifully.

Chart: Sagittarius New Moon
Click for larger view

The Planets This Week: All times EST.

Nov 27: Moon enters Sagittarius @ 12:14 am,
            Uranus stations Direct @ 11:08am,
            New Moon @ 11:54 am
Nov 28: Moon V/C @ 7:54 pm, Venus sextile Uranus @ 4:20 am,
            Mercury conjunct Mars @ 10:40 pm
Nov 29: Moon in Capricorn @ 12:48 pm, Venus trine Saturn @ 11:37 pm
Dec 1: Moon V/C @ 10:44 am, Venus conj Jupiter @ 3:45 am
Dec 2: Moon enters Aquarius @ 1:45 am
Dec 3: Moon V/C @ 9:15 pm

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, Best for spiritual not earthly pursuits

Weekly Horoscope

ARIES: Every now and then and for no apparent reason, we wake up one day and see the world differently than we did the day before. On the New Moon in your philosophical 9th house on Thanksgiving, there could be a conversation or a chance meeting that shifts your world view. Be open to it. And whether the office (or your home office) is closed or not on Friday Nov. 28 through the weekend, do yourself some good and put some muscle and mojo where your mouth is: Be ready to respond to an opportunity or a request that leads to one, EARLY on Monday morning.

TAURUS: The Sagittarius New Moon in your 8th house of shared resources and institutional investments prompts a revision in your approach to your long term security needs, one that is both level-headed and founded in a philosophy aligned with your core beliefs. And doesn’t it make sense to only invest in what you hold dear? Your ruler, Venus, is quite busy this week and you will be too. Though a shake-up in the friends sector is likely, prioritize your social obligations and put practical concerns first. This is no time to fritter energy away on anything or anyone that wastes it.

GEMINI: This is a test: A partner or adversary will be vocal and possibly agitated about what they need from you, and that’s a good thing. It’s in your best interest to know what’s on the table before taking action, isn’t it? Take this exchange seriously and listen patiently (like an adult) even if it kills you. By staying calm (especially in the face of a career jolt), you’ll have the chance to speak up and get your needs to be met - much to your satisfaction. You’re learning a key lesson in the art of negotiation and timing, one that will serve you in the coming months.

CANCER: The Thanksgiving New Moon in 6th house of work, service, health, and scheduling, pretty much guarantees a changing of the guard in your day to day routine. And though at first glance, what’s offered may not be what you’ve had on your wish, it may in fact be just what the doctor ordered. As Venus conjoins Jupiter in 7th house of partnership this week, listen to what a partner has to say about all of this. His or her boring but prudent advice is worth the total of both your weights in gold.

LEO: The inspiring New Moon in your 5th house of creativity, love affairs and speculation on Thanksgiving coincides with an electrifying standstill of volatile Uranus in your 8th house of sexual activity and shared $$. All bets are off, as this gamble will not play out as planned: The temptation to chuck all holiday plans at the last minute for what’s behind “Door Number3” could be very alluring, but it could be the ultimate turkey as well, if you catch my drift. Avoid water sports, boats and skinny dipping, the experience could be more ‘shocking’ than you opted for. Think Eliot Spitzer.

VIRGO: The New Moon and other seismic activity in your 4th house of home and family couldn’t come at a less opportune time. The holidays always tend to bring out the worst, even in the best of us, but need that always be the case? See if you can, approach Thanksgiving ’08 with a Zen-like attitude and be the observer. All mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) will be tested like mad to keep their cool. The station of shocking planet Uranus gives an extra voltage to a partner or spouse’ already amped up energy. Don’t take the bait.

LIBRA: The fiery New Moon in your 3rd house of communication on Thanksgiving could generate anything from a media blitz to a flow of ideas that you must put down on paper or express at a most unlikely time. Oddly enough, you’ll enjoy the sequence and will be inspired to think about your neighbors, your siblings, and things in general, in a whole new way. If a work opportunity appears unexpectedly- be ready to jump. Venus conjoins Jupiter in your 4th house on December 1st and with that, real estate decisions take a turn for the better.

SCORPIO: The Sagittarius New Moon in 2nd house of income coincides with the traditional Thanksgiving Day Feast. And in your case, the focus is best kept on finance not food. Keep the lines of communication open (those blackberries are a necessary evil), as there could be developments that you must be responsive to. Venus conjoins Jupiter in your 3rd house of communication. Serious talks with siblings will yield workable solutions to long standing dilemmas.

SAGITTARIUS: The Thanksgiving New Moon in your sign will without a doubt usher in a new era for you. The question is: How good of a team player can you be? In order to earn the dollar amount that you’re entitled to, you must make sure that you and those you work with are aligned philosophically, morally, and ethically, or else it’s no go. This is one time that a ‘fake it till you make it’ approach won’t cut it. Be real or be gone.

CAPRICORN: The flurry of New Moon activity in your hidden 12th house need not make you paranoid or uneasy. Au contraire: Those who appear to be talking behind your back, may in fact be doing so with your very best interests at heart. In other words, don’t obstruct the angels working on your behalf. Venus and Jupiter conjoin on Dec 1st in your sign and little cosmetic upkeep- on your person and in your environment is in order. It takes money to make money, right?

AQUARIUS: The New Moon energy on Thanksgiving (and the days that follow) invigorates in a way that feels like the charge of the light brigade, especially where friendships and team activities are concerned. Enjoy the buzz, but keep in mind that you can’t be responsive to everyone you ever met, at least not within a 72-hour time frame. Your ruler, Uranus stations in your 2nd house of income. After a minor shake-up, prospects that have been frozen of late begin to roll again and anew.

PISCES: On Thanksgiving, you’re wired for sound, and no doubt the extra voltage is hard to contain. Make no false moves and stay away from microwaves, wires, water (okay you can wash, but that’s it), and insane relatives - you’re in no mood. And if at all possible, leave the bulk of the cooking to someone else. Amidst all of this, the New Moon in your vocational 10th house has you contemplating a more refined career choice, which makes sense: Though you’ll never be an ‘elitist’, the activity in your 11th house sets the stage for associating with a more solid group and loving it.