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Outer Planets Hit Rupert Murdoch
Saturn, Uranus and Pluto Slam Publisher’s Chart

By Shelley L. Ackerman
[From my 'Shimmering Stars' column in The Westchester Guardian, © 2009]

Photo: Rich Press

For sometime now, I wondered about what might happen to the nearly untouchable billionaire right-wing publisher and owner of Fox News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, when the Saturn-Uranus opposition moved in on his Pisces Sun and Pluto transited his ascendant.

This week, The New York Post published an obscene cartoon of policemen shooting a monkey. The copy read: “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill next year”. Not only was it racist, it was violent, disgusting, and poked fun at cops assassinating an elected official.

To dismiss the Delanos cartoon as being offensive or in bad taste doesn’t come close. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech or creative expression. It was as hateful as the Jena Six incident of 2007 as it was sacrilegious and blasphemous.

Al Sharpton, Spike Lee and hundreds of others have protested the NY Post at their Avenue of Americas headquarters and have demanded a boycott of the paper. Lee has asked sports figures and celebrities to not speak with NY Post reporters. Piles of unsold papers were visible at every newsstand.

Rupert Murdoch

This is just the beginning of a two year Pluto transit to Murdoch’s Capricorn ascendant and Saturn will continue to oppose his Sun for the next several months. At the age of nearly 78, no one expects Murdoch to change his political or economic philosophy. Though I hear he is quite charming and pleasant on a personal level, his tabloid approach to entertainment, and propaganda disguised as journalism have done an immeasurable amount of harm in the world. Murdoch is the poster child for playing on the fears of the masses: He has systematically built his empire by pandering to the lowest common denominator for personal gain at the expense of disempowering his viewers and readers. Murdoch has often quipped that he'd like to buy the New York Times just to shut it down. During the Pluto in Sagittarius years (1995-2008) Rupert from Down Under (make that ‘down below’) could not be beat. His recent acquisitions include The Wall Street Journal and Beliefnet.com. But times are changing and Fox mainstay Bill O’Reilly (now in his second Saturn-return) is not as popular or influential as he’s been.

Hello Hugh, Hello Oscar!

LOVE the chart for the broadcast of the Oscars on February 22nd in LA. At 5 PM in Los Angeles, Leo is rising, the Sun is in Pisces, and there’s a stellium, including the Moon in Aquarius in the 6th house. It’s the most perfect combo of entertainment, form, and function one could hope for-for a show. It’ll be high-tech all the way, and with Aussie Libra Hugh Jackman (b. Oct 12, 1968) as eye candy, how can we go wrong?

Langella as Nixon

This year’s contenders make for an embarrassment of riches. How can you choose between Frank Langella, (“Frost/Nixon”) Brad Pitt (“Benjamin Button”), Richard Jenkins (“The Visitor”), Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) and Sean Penn (“Milk”)? It’s an embarrassment of riches. Besides, there’s no accurate birth year for Rourke, and no birth time for Jenkins, so astrology is useless. An interesting tidbit: Langella (b. Jan 1 1938) is born about 24 hours after Anthony Hopkins (Dec 31, 1937). Both Capricorns played Nixon, who was himself a Capricorn. If you can, catch Langella interviwed by Capricorn Charlie Rose. In this "Oscar collection" Rose interviews six of the nominees. BTW, I adored Jenkins in “The Visitor”, don’t miss it.

Viola Davis

Kate Winslet

As far as the ladies are concerned: Cancerian Meryl Streep was beyond phenomenal in “Doubt” but Libra Kate Winslet is a favorite for “The Reader” Winslet, who was born on October 5, 1975 @ 7:15 am in Reading, UK, is a triple Libra. Well, transiting Jupiter does a triple play when the planet of luck trines her Sun, Moon, and ascendant on Oscar Night, so how can Winslet not win? For best supporting actress, I’m so rooting for Leo Viola Davis (Aug 11, 1965) who was beyond wrenching as the dignified but distraught mother of a doubly abused son in “Doubt”.

Legendary comic, actor, and host of the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon, Jerry Lewis, will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, often given as a consolation prize by the Academy to someone worthy who may not be around much longer. Lewis was born on March 16, 1926 at 12:25 pm in Newark.

Mercury and Jupiter Align on Pisces New Moon

The New Moon (at 6˚ Pisces 34') chart on Feb 24 @ 8:35 pm has Libra rising and busy 4th and 5th houses, giving off an aura of creativity and dare I say romance. The Sabian symbol for Pisces 7: “Illuminated by a Shaft of Light, a Large Cross Lies on Rocks Surrounded by Sea and Mist”. What a Neptunian symbol if ever there was one. It seems to be encouraging us to look beyond the confusion to a silver lining and an ever-present promise of a better tomorrow. As always, I’m happy to share what the Sabian Symbol expert, Lynda Hill says about the inherent symbolism of the Pisces New Moon.

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Chart: Pisces New Moon
Click for larger view

The Planets This Week: All times EST.

Feb 19: Moon enters Capricorn @ 8:25 am
Feb 21: Moon V/C @ 4:01 am, enters Aquarius @ 9:06 pm
           Sun sextile Pluto @ 3:01 am
Feb 23: Moon V/C @ 9:09 pm
Feb 24: Moon enters Pisces @ 8:00 am, Mercury conj Jupiter@ 1:53 am
           New Moon in Pisces @ 8:35 pm
Feb 25: Mercury sextile Venus @ 7:59 am

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, Best for spiritual not earthly pursuits

Bonus: 2009 Astro Crib Sheet

Major Planetary Activity for 2009.

Mercury begins 09 @ 0˚Aquarius07’ & ends 2009 @ 19˚Capricorn29’ Rx
Mercury Retrogrades 2009:
Jan 11-Feb 1, May 6-30, Sept 6-29, & Dec 26-Jan 15, 2010
Venus begins 2009 @ 27˚Aquarius48’ and ends 2009 @ 7˚Capricorn13’
Venus Retrograde: March 6-April 17, 2009
Mars begins 2009 @ 3˚Capricorn57’ and ends 2009 @ 18˚Leo54’ (Retro)
Mars turns retrograde on December 20th (thru March 10, 2010)
Jupiter begins 2009 @ 29˚Capricorn02’ and ends 2009 @ 26˚Aquarius15’
Jupiter enters Aquarius on January 5, 2009
Jupiter Retrograde: June 15-Oct 13, 2009
Saturn begins 2009 @ 21˚Virgo46’ Retrograde and ends 2009 @ 4˚Libra30’
Saturn Retrograde: Dec 31, 2008-May 16, 2009
Saturn enters Libra on Oct 29, 2009 (will retrograde back into Virgo in 2010)
Uranus begins 2009 @ 19˚Pisces15’ and ends @ 23˚Pisces05’
Uranus Retrograde: July 1-December 1, 2009
Neptune begins 2009 @ 22˚Aquarius27’ and ends 2009 @ 24˚Aquarius34’
Neptune Retrograde: May 28-November 4, 2009
Pluto begins 2009 @ 1˚Capricorn16’ and ends 2009 @ 3˚Capricorn17’
Pluto Retrograde: April 4-September 11, 2009

Weekly Horoscope

ARIES: You’re to be commended for having as clear a head as you do and boy do you need it to stay one step ahead of the challenges that are multiplying exponentially by the moment. But you’re not facing these alone. The group you’re hangin’ with are all on your side and each individual has unique take on what’s happening and energy to contribute. Though you’re usually a top-notch soloist, it’s better for you to think of yourself more as a team player-at least for the next few weeks.

TAURUS: You’re not a quitter and now is certainly not the time to give up on what’s yours by divine right. True, the term ‘divine right” is a subjective one, and open to interpretation. But if in your heart of hearts you know that something, be it a bauble, a job, or a dollar amount, belongs to you, don’t let it slip through your fingers. Aggressive behavior is not necessary, but staying on top of the situation is.

GEMINI: Your agile communication and connection skills are at their very best and you’re quite capable of hooking up with someone or a community that can do you a world of good. The main thing is to not get lost in the sheer fun of it as you can easily fritter precious time away on nonsense. Keep one eye on the ball and the other on your future. If you take yourself seriously, a creative project of yours will be met with approval and support.

CANCER: Security is so elusive these days, and while your air and fire sign counterparts can handle that reality as a part of life, the idea of an uncertain world drives you to the edge. But have faith: Just when you thought all might be lost, you’ll see your way clear to another possible solution. Be flexible and friendly with a banker, IRS agent, or a cold bean-counter by-the-book type who you’d ordinarily dis. It can mean the difference between getting what you want and need or not.

LEO: The New Moon in Pisces on Feb 24 illuminates the deepest and most profound parts of your psyche, and as pragmatic as you may be, you’re beginning to question many of the assumptions by which you live. Go with it and be okay in the “not knowing anything for sure” space that you’re in right now. It can be a lovely excursion. Where practical matters are concerned, rely on others who have proven their loyalty. It’s all about teamwork and the gathering of intelligent forces and resources.

VIRGO: There’s a changing of the guard in the partnership section of your life (and chart) and if the Feb 24 New Moon gets its way, you may be trading in one long standing relationship for a new and improved model. There’s a lot to be said for loyalty, but why stick with something or someone that refuses to do their share or treat you with the respect you deserve?

LIBRA: Are you ready for a new job? One could come your way and you’ll understand what these weeks and months of rehearsal have been about. But there will be little time to relax and even less to learn what you need to execute your new set of duties with the expertise you demand of yourself. Be sure to get enough sleep- without it, you’ll be a mess, and keep your priorities well organized. You may need to put friends and family on notice that there’s less of you to go around these days.

SCORPIO: The distractions and static that have plagued you in the past few weeks are about to subside and the new Moon on Feb 24 should kick in a month of inspiration and joy. Not that you’ll have the luxury of slacking off, no one does these days, but you’ll approach your work with a sweetness that’s eluded you. Do keep the lines of communication open at home and with family members, missing a beat could be a problem.

SAGITTARIUS: The Feb 24 New Moon puts the focus on issues at home and real estate. If you’ve let things fall apart where you live, it’s time to change the energy. A little muscle and sprucing up will make for a better flow romantically, financially and health-wise. A small gathering that you host in your home or that convenes near where you live will do much to pick up your spirits. If invited to something - go. You’ve been indoors waaay too much lately.

CAPRICORN: If you’ve been waiting to contact an estranged sibling or a neighbor you’ve had a scuffle with, wait no longer: it’s time to connect and mend those fences. A woman is extremely helpful in purging and organizing a part of your home- especially if some things need to be shipped. Check on fees and regulations. A new vehicle may be in the offing but do the research before saying “yes” to the deal.

AQUARIUS: The New Moon in your 2nd house of income will remind you that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. By that we mean that putting all of your eggs in one basket is no longer the way to go- not for you and not for anyone else. Don’t space out when you’re engaged with others: A routine conversation or an innocuous chat with a local may yield a very important tip.

PISCES: In a way, it might be good to not pay attention to all of the bad economic news out there, because your world seems to be managing just fine thank you very much. In addition to the enlivening New Moon in your sign, which will brighten things on and after Feb 24, there’s a terrific flow between the practical and intuitive parts of your being. Where money and income are concerned, take a pro-active stance and show a willingness to be as accommodating and as cooperative as you can be. It’ll earn mucho points.