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BP Oil Spill Reaches Shoreline,
Obama Halts New Off-Shore Drilling;
RFK Jr. Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Local Fishermen;
Doors of St. Vincent’s Hospital-Shut Forever,
Arizona’s Modified Immigration Law
Mercury Trine Pluto, Saturn Inconjunct Neptune, Sun Square Mars

By Shelley L. Ackerman © 2010

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Uranus @ 29 Pisces: Effects of Greed -Everywhere

Be it the senate hearings to expose, call for a criminal investigation, possibly indict, and eventually pull the reigns in on Goldman Sachs’ fraudulent policies that contributed to the current economic collapse; the tragic closing of the 160 year old Saint Vincent's Hospital in NYC’s Greenwich Village, possibly to make room for multi-million dollar luxury condominiums, (check out Greenwich Village Heal Thyself); the biggest oil spill catastrophe since the March 24, 1989 Exxon-Valdez incident, the stories dominating the news all have their roots in the oldest and most deadly of human sins- GREED.

Lloyd Blanfein -Earned bonus of $68 mil in '07
b. Sep 20, 1954
Saturn is now on his Virgo Sun
Shareholders suing Goldman Sachs over executive pay

As is often the case, it is the public who serves up the best and most truthful insights. Here, in “Room for Debate”: What the Spill Means for Off Shore Drilling, one NY Times reader, “CWE” from Lansing, Michigan, commented:

“America is being destroyed by greed, corruption, stupidity, and a lack of integrity. This oil spill is yet another example. Norway and Brazil require that all offshore oil rigs have special valves on their offshore oil rigs designed to prevent just the type of disaster we are experiencing now. The valves cost $500,000. In 2002 and 2003 when legislation was proposed to make installation of these valves a legal requirement for offshore oil rigs here in the United States the proposal got defeated in Congress. No doubt the result of the oil lobby had a key role in this. Having oil industry allies like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney didn't hurt either. We now bear the consequences of not having these safeguards.”

Another reader, “Dennis D” from Joplin, Missouri, posted this:

“It's interesting how the "Drill-baby-drill" crowd has now fallen conspicuously silent since this oil spill unfolded. As with the Exxon spill 21 years ago, a horrific environmental calamity happens, and the taxpayers ultimately get to pay for the cleanup. At least the Obama administration is mobilizing to attempt to minimize the devastation, and BP is trying to keep from looking like it's dithered over stopping the leak. The Sarah Palins and Glen Becks can famously oversimplify this nation's energy demands by pushing for more drilling, coal, nuclear energy, etc., but as we now can see, nothing comes easy. The US needs undertake a comprehensive plan to wean itself of the overwhelming demand for fossil fuels--that means serious conservation and efficiency instead of flag-waving rhetoric.”

Both CWE and Dennis D could not have said it any better. We must modify our addiction to oil now, and if I ruled the world, I’d tax the hell out of any and every company that continues to operate as if the Earth didn’t matter, until it was no longer profitable and then I'd reward companies and institutions that operate in harmony with preserving what we have on planet Earth before it’s too late.

President Obama has announced that all new off-shore drilling is halted for now, pending a thorough investigation of the dire situation in the Gulf. For updates on the spreading slick, which is dumping more than 210,000 gallons daily, destroying wildlife and threatening what little natural protection the Bayou has from hurricanes, click here.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

And earlier today, it was announced that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Louisiana commercial shrimpers whose livelihood for the foreseeable future has been destroyed by the BP (British Petroleum) disaster. Kennedy, who was born on January 17, 1954, is the president of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a global movement of on-the-water advocates who patrol and protect over 100,000 miles of rivers, streams and coastlines in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Braising Arizona:

Less than two days after Arizona enacted a law that for all intents and purposes made it a crime to be an undocumented Hispanic-looking person anywhere in the state, a revision was put forth:

Published on April 29, a NY Times editorial entitled “Stopping Arizona” stated:

“A fight is brewing over Arizona’s new law that turns all of the state’s Latinos, even legal immigrants and citizens, into criminal suspects. And this is not a local fight. The poison is spreading; there is talk in Texas of passing a version of the Arizona statute.”

Two days after President Obama called the law “misguided”, it was amended. Here the L.A. Times reported that, the Arizona law has been modified to specify that only after someone has been stopped for a perceived crime can they be asked for their “papers”. The article further stated: “Opponents of the bill, who to date have filed three federal lawsuits against it and promise more, called the changes "cosmetic."

I’d say that since the initial law was announced on Mercury retrograde, its longevity is highly questionable.

This week, as Mercury continues to travel backwards in Taurus, the likelihood of economic reform seems to be closer to becoming a reality. Like labor pains, the jolts to the status quo will continue to ‘hit’ at shorter intervals, as we birth a new era. I just wish that this ‘labor’ wasn’t so darn painful.

We have yet to go through Uranus’ entrance into Aries (May 27th), and the upcoming lunar eclipse on June 26 which officially kicks in the cardinal grand cross this Summer.

Thanks to Vinessa Nevala, who pointed out to fans of my KarmicRelief FaceBook page that the G20 Summit, is scheduled to commence in Toronto on June 26th. The city is prepared all right, an old film studio is set to a be temporary jail for G20 protesters!

Dorothy Provine

Adieu to Dorothy Provine

When "The Roaring 20's" hit television in 1960, I was six years old and learned the "Charleston" from "Pinky Pinkham", the character that Provine played on the series. I so loved the show (a past life memory as a flapper, no doubt) and was really traumatized when it was abruptly canceled.

Provine appeared in a few more movies, but then vanished from public life by age 31. It's a shame, she was so gifted.

Born on January 20, 1935, Dorothy Provine died this week at age 75. Here is her NY Times obit, and here is a YouTube snipet from the show that made her famous.

And finally, I simply had to link to this juicy and very self-revealing column by Dick Cavett: in Friday's "Dreams, Let Up On Us!" Cavett provides a textbook posting of what transiting Pluto to Venus and transiting Neptune to one's Sun feels like. A Scorpio with Capricorn rising and Venus conjunct the ascendant, Cavett's courage and honesty are admirable, and his anguish is a lot more palatable than Woody Allen's any day of the week. I'm such a devoted fan!

Chart: MercuryRx Trine Pluto
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The Planets This Week: All times are Eastern.

Apr 29: Moon in Scorpio V/C @ 8:39 pm, enters Sagittarius @ 10:36 pm
May 2: Moon V/C @ 4:08 am, enters Capricorn @ 6:00 am
May 3: Mercury trine Pluto @ 8:07 am
May 4: Moon V/C @ 3:07 pm, enters Aquarius @ 4:51 pm,
             Sun square Mars @ 9:09 am

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, Best for spiritual not earthly pursuits

Bonus: 2010 Astro Crib Sheet

Major Planetary Activity for 2010.

Mercury: Begins @ 18 Cap 28 Retro, ends 2010 @ 19 Sag 44
Mercury Retrogrades: Dec 26 ‘09- Jan 15 ‘10, April 17-May 11, Aug 20-Sept 12, Dec 10-30
Venus: Begins @ 8 Cap 29, ends 2010 @ 23 Scorpio 05
Venus Retrograde: Oct 8 – Nov 18
Mars: Begins @ 18 Leo 44 Retro, ends 2010 @ 17 Cap 59
Mars Retrograde: Dec 20, 2009 - March 10, 2010
Jupiter: Begins @ 26 Aquarius 28, ends 2010 @ 26 Pisces 29
(Jupiter in Aries from June 6-Sept 9)
Jupiter Retrograde: July 23-Nov 18
Saturn: Begins @ 4 Libra 31, ends 2010 @ 16 Libra 38
(Saturn in Virgo from April 7- July 21)
Saturn Retrograde: January 13- May 30)
Uranus: Begins @ 23 Pisces 06, ends 2010 @ 26 Pisces 57
(Uranus in Aries May 27- Aug 13)
Uranus Retrograde: July 5- Dec 5
Neptune: Begins @ 24 Aquar 36, ends 2010 @ 26 Aquar 44
Neptune Retrograde: May 31- Nov 7
Pluto: Begins @ 3 Cap 19, ends 2010 @ 5 Cap 19
Pluto Retrograde: April 6 – Sep 14
Eclipses: Jan 15-Solar @ 25 Cap 01, June 26-Lunar @ 4 Can 46, July 11- Solar @ 19 Can 24, Dec 21-Lunar @ 29 Gemini 21

Weekly Horoscope:

ARIES: As your ruler, Mars, forms a confrontational square to the Sun in Taurus this week, you may find yourself in a battle of wills, with its source coming from deep within your being: One part wants instant gratification and is ready to run off and join the circus, and the other part of self will hear none of it. Naturally you can exercise your free-will option and do as you please, but the wiser man would delay the party and let prudence and self-preservation lead the way- at least for now.

TAURUS: This phase of Mercury retro in your sign bodes well for legal and contractual matters: Simply put, the law is on your side and you find yourself in good and sound legal company. A cleric or professor type may have some viable input. But there could be some rockiness on the home front: Mars in your 4th challenges your sense of calm- you have the upper hand, you know, but you won’t keep it if you permit yourself to be rattled. If a male relative or guest is antsy- be the cool-handed steadying force of reason. Watch for loose wires or anything that could ignite accidentally.

GEMINI: The only way to move ahead during a period of reverse motion and reflection is to do just that: remain sober and in serious contemplation mode and strive to be cognizant of how you may have gotten in your own way in the recent past. Then, putting one foot in front of the other, take slow, deliberate, and appropriate steps to remedy. For all of us, and for AIR signs especially, clarity of thought and depth of understanding paves your respective roads to success. Keep your priorities in order and don’t lose site of the big picture.

CANCER: The tight and challenging ‘square’ this week sets up what feels like a confrontation which should not be especially uncomfortable unless you make it so: True, you have the inside track to making a brilliant financial move that will stand to benefit others on year team (as well as yourself) but protocol must be followed. As annoying as it is, you must go through the proper channels to get everyone on board, collect the necessary signatures, and see to it that all of the parties involved feel that they have been consulted with. It’s best for you and for everyone in the long run.

LEO: Great leaders and big stars always know when to shine their light on another and to defer to the celebrity of someone who is (shall we say) a bit more accomplished and revered. That’s not to say that you need to shrink into the background or diminish your own self importance. But watching your P’s and Q’s goes a long way as does allowing a bigger cheese to have center stage and call the shots this week. Don’t worry, you’ll have top-billing and will resume the lead role soon enough.

VIRGO: The agreeable and supportive ‘trine” between your ruler, Mercury, and Pluto, in your creative and impassioned fire houses this week sets up a golden moment of inspiration with the funds to make your vision a reality. While ‘sculpting’ your future, honor your past by including components from waylaid works from prior cycles. You must have dozens of incomplete writings and other projects that are taking up space. Find them a home in current trains of thought- the ultimate recycling success if you ask me.

LIBRA: Your desire to keep the peace between people and factions in your life can take a great toll on your energy and health. This week, as feisty Mars acts up in your communal 11th house and forms a tense aspect to the Sun, decline playing the role of referee, and allow the interested parties face-off without you. Direct your attention and energy instead to financials that can improve your lot (and the look) of your digs at home base..

SCORPIO: Using your will, your energy, and your potent skills as a communicator in support of a spouse, a partner, or very close associate strengthens your position. Don’t concern yourself with keeping up appearances, or with losing control of the reins. The tighter you hold on, the more likely they are to slip through your fingers. And when appropriate, defer to the skill sets of those you count on and cheerfully give credit where credit is due. Insuring the trust and ongoing loyalty of those in your ‘court’ is the best investment you can make in yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: The dynamic ‘grand trine’ to your career-centric midheaven between Mercury and Pluto should deliver some great news in the money and work departments of your life, but with so much change in the air, you can’t rest on your laurels now. Your home/professional life is in a state of flux, and though success is likely through much of the year, your long-term prospects of advancement are linked to your ability to remain flexible and brutally honest with yourself and others.

CAPRICORN: Your ability to generate needed funding for a new venture is as good as the creative vision behind it. Your ideas are more than good, they’re viable, but you’re being challenged to make it all look good and sound on paper. This is one time when the work can and should speak for itself. Don’t waste precious energy on anything but refining your product- and don’t worry about your power to influence – it’s at an all time high.

AQUARIUS: A possible clash between the needs of a romantic or working partner (and/or contractual responsibilities) and the demands of a parent or family member may find you in “How do I keep the peace now?” mode. And your residence itself may need immediate attention. Either way, don’t be too surprised if part of the week finds you torn between serving at least two masters at once. Which one takes precedence? The one that supports you most- if you’re home base is compromised- nothing else matters.

PISCES: An innocent and innocuous comment on your part may tick off and/or trigger a co-worker (who’s been looking for a reason to vent) big time. Don’t engage in anything that can escalate, a knock-down drag-out will not only accomplish nothing, it could cause permanent damage in the workplace. If a partner or BFF notices something regarding your health, do pay attention. Though you may find their occasional harping irritating, they do have your best interest at heart (emphasis on “heart”).