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How Sweet It Is!
In Between Eclipses, a Hopeful Breath of Fresh Air
OBAMA Brilliantly Diffuses & Transforms Culture Clash into
Teachable Moment

By Shelley L. Ackerman © 2009

Photo: Rich Press

Healing Words as the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune Align in Airy Grand Trine

These days, I’m inclined to grab any bit of good news wherever I can get it, or at least to put positive spin on what’s been happening out there in any way possible.

When I first submitted my piece about the Air Grand Trine more than a week ago, I wrote that I was upbeat about the cooperative aspect on July 26 & 27 between the two “benefic planets” Venus (in Gemini) and Jupiter (conjunct dreamy Neptune in Aquarius) and the Moon. It’s only a two-day window, but one that presents a breather for all signs of the zodiac. All of us can and should take a cue from President Obama, and take advantage of the available ease, courtesy of the heavens, to connect with friends, family, “frenemies”, lenders, business associates, and heck, even the IRS, to clear up misunderstands and make headway in areas that have been stuck for way too long.

By way of definition, in a horoscope, a “Grand Trine” is when three planets in the chart are each about 120 degrees from one another, forming a triangle-like configuration. It’s considered a blessed configuration to have because it brings ease and a sense harmony between the planets involved, thereby making agreements and resolutions more likely than at other times.

`Up in the Air` Grand Trine
© ACKERMAN-KarmicRelief.com

Jupiter, the high-minded big-picture benefic, has been hit and scarred by a comet. I love the symbolism that makes so much sense, what with the big planet’s proximity to Chiron (the centaur noted for wounding) and Neptune (noted for blindness). Jupiter’s generosity enmeshed with Neptune’s compassion couldn’t help but empathize with Chiron and take on his pain. Here’s the story in The Bruise Heard Round the World, and here are Hubble’s photo of Jupiter’s Scar.

It should be noted that we’re now in between the Solar Eclipse of 29 degrees of Cancer that took place on July 21, and the Lunar Eclipse that will take place at 13 degrees of Leo on August 5th, so we're ‘sensitive’, people are in transition and therefore edgy.

Probably the most universal benefit of the air grand trine is the mental and intellectual flexibility it offers:

Now would be a terrific time to think outside of the box and beyond your comfort zone. Seeing things from another perspective allows us to be that much more open and receptive to the possibilities and opportunities that we tend to miss when we are in tunnel-vision mode.

The Monkees

“Take a Giant Step Outside Your Mind”:
click to see the video

Though you’ve played at love and lost
And sorrows turned your heart to frost
I will melt your heart again.
Remember the feeling as a child
When you woke up and morning smiled
Its time you felt like you did then.
There’s just no percentage in remembering the past
It’s time you learned to live again at last.
Come with me, leave yesterday behind
Take a Giant Step Outside Your Mind

-recorded by The Monkees
-written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King

“The Stars are Aligned”

Less than twenty two hours after the Solar Eclipse at 29½° Cancer, and with the Sun and Moon in his home sign of Leo, President Obama spoke to the nation at 8 PM on July 22nd, about the urgency of Health Care Reform.

In the televised address (click here for transcript) which drew 24.7 million viewers, the President pulled few punches and concluded by responding to Chicago Sun Times reporter Lynn Sweet’s question about the recent arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. As most of us know, Professor Gates is a highly accomplished, popular, award-winning literary critic, essayist, and host and creator of a PBS series that traced the DNA of many famous African Americans including that of Oprah Winfrey.

Gates forgot or lost his keys to his Cambridge, Mass. home last week, and when a passerby spotted him and a friend trying to force the door open, she called the police and reported the apparent “break-in by two black men”.

UPDATE:: *On Monday July 27, The Boston Globe reported that an attorney for Lucy Whalen, the passerby who called in the now infamous break,in did NOT specify ‘black’ men, a fact verified by the Cambridge Police Dept. Here’s the link to the report.

Sgt. James Crowley

The officer who arrived at the scene, Sgt. James Crowley, a 42-yr old well-regarded policeman has for five years has taught about the dangers of racial profiling. Crowley, who comes from a family of law enforcement, asked Gates for ID. Although Professor Gates had some form of ID that proved his address to be the same as the home they were in, it was not photo-ID, and the officer called Harvard to verify that Gates was who he said he was. The confrontation escalated and Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct. (Here is the police report from “the Smoking Gun”) The charges were dropped and the Professor demanded an apology which the officer had declined to make. Crowley (who did not vote for Obama) claimed that Gates berated him and said “something about my mother”. Gates’ anger is understandable, but to play devil’s advocate for one teeny second, what if Gates didn’t belong there and as one TV psychologist asked, what if this was a domestic dispute with the wife having an order of protection? The question still remains, if Gates were white, would Crowley have been as insistent and thorough?

In his July 22 televised address, the president said that the officer acted “stupidly” and the media went wild. As I fantasized about Oprah Winfrey’s return in less than a month and her inevitable invite to her pal Professor Gates (whom she met through Quincy Jones), Sergeant Crowley, and maybe even the President for a kiss and make-up love fest, Obama beat her to the punch by calling both men and suggesting that they get together over a beer at the White House.

I think President Obama was right in his assessment that “cooler heads should have prevailed”. Obviously, racial profiling is an issue, but so is cultural illiteracy. However to Crowley's credit, he has admitted regret (and shame) about not knowing who Professor Gates was.

Here are two NYT stellar editorials on the culture clash between the white cop and the black professor.NYT Editorial Observer President Obama, Professor Gates, and The Cambridge Police, and Stanley Fish’ “Déjà vu All Over Again”.

Prof. Henry Gates

As for the astrological perspective, Gates, born on Sep 16, 1950 is in the midst of his second Saturn Return, a time of reckoning and of reward for honorable achievements. His natal Sun-Saturn conjunction at 22-23 degrees of Virgo is at the same degree of Obama’s Mars, and the US Neptune (July 4, 1776). Transiting Saturn is right there now, and will be at that degree in early September. Virgo is the sign of service (and health). Perhaps on a soul-level Gates and Obama have ‘agreed’ to serve the greater good by participating in and acting as teachers for this great lesson. I wish I had Crowley’s chart but I don’t - yet.

But back to Health Care Reform: The Senate announced a month-long vacation before voting on Health Care reform, during which time it’s estimated that 400,000 Americans will lose theirs. Maybe it will go through during Virgo month: The stars are aligned, transiting Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are on the US Moon in Aquarius, and the collective won’t stand much longer for the greed of insurers, lobbyists, and pharmaceutical companies whose record profits in this economy are dumfounding to prevent this necessary reform from going forward. Said Obama:

“I understand how easy it is for this town to become consumed in the game of politics, to turn every issue into a running tally of who's up and who's down. I've heard that one Republican strategist told his party that even though they may want to compromise, it's better politics to go for the kill. Another Republican senator, that defeating health-care reform is about breaking me. So let me be clear. This isn't about me….I have health insurance, a doctor follows me wherever I go, All of congress and their families have insurance…..”

Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to restate the obvious.

Chart: Air Grand Trine
Click for larger view

The Planets This Week: All times are Eastern.

July 23: Moon in Leo V/C @ 4:28 pm, enters Virgo @ 11:23 pm
July 25: Moon V/C @ 7:14 pm
July 26: Moon in Libra @ 1:25 am
July 27: Moon V/C @ 10:54 pm, Venus trine Jupiter @ 12:07 am
July 28: Moon in Scorpio @ 8:56 am, Venus trine Neptune @ 1:52 am,
            Venus square Uranus @ 4:39 pm

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, Best for spiritual not earthly pursuits

Bonus: 2009 Astro Crib Sheet

Major Planetary Activity for 2009.

Mercury begins 09 @ 0˚Aquarius07’ & ends 2009 @ 19˚Capricorn29’ Rx
Mercury Retrogrades 2009:
Jan 11-Feb 1, May 6-30, Sept 6-29, & Dec 26-Jan 15, 2010
Venus begins 2009 @ 27˚Aquarius48’ and ends 2009 @ 7˚Capricorn13’
Venus Retrograde: March 6-April 17, 2009
Mars begins 2009 @ 3˚Capricorn57’ and ends 2009 @ 18˚Leo54’ (Retro)
Mars turns retrograde on December 20th (thru March 10, 2010)
Jupiter begins 2009 @ 29˚Capricorn02’ and ends 2009 @ 26˚Aquarius15’
Jupiter enters Aquarius on January 5, 2009
Jupiter Retrograde: June 15-Oct 13, 2009
Saturn begins 2009 @ 21˚Virgo46’ Retrograde and ends 2009 @ 4˚Libra30’
Saturn Retrograde: Dec 31, 2008-May 16, 2009
Saturn enters Libra on Oct 29, 2009 (will retrograde back into Virgo in 2010)
Uranus begins 2009 @ 19˚Pisces15’ and ends @ 23˚Pisces05’
Uranus Retrograde: July 1-December 1, 2009
Neptune begins 2009 @ 22˚Aquarius27’ and ends 2009 @ 24˚Aquarius34’
Neptune Retrograde: May 28-November 4, 2009
Pluto begins 2009 @ 1˚Capricorn16’ and ends 2009 @ 3˚Capricorn17’
Pluto Retrograde: April 4-September 11, 2009

Your “lucky” Air-Grand-Trine Horoscope for July 23-29, 2009:

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):
have this Grand Trine in their “Air/Communication” houses;
Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):
have this Grand Trine in their “Earth/Money/Work” houses;
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):
have this Grand Trine in their “Fire/Confidence/Fun/Inspiration” houses;
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):
have this Grand Trine in their “Water/Intuitive/Occult/Psychic” houses

ARIES: Mars, your ruler, is in Gemini and your words are very potent these days. If communication is key to getting where you want to go, it doesn’t get better than this week, when half of the planets are in air signs, ready willing and able to help you get your message across. “He who hesitates is lost” is the truism that you live by – but for heaven’s sake, get your story straight and re-read your pitch before shooting off a raw email that can do more harm than good. The aspects favor of some self-improvement Summer-reading and information-gathering that comes from a library, not “Twitter”.

TAURUS: The flow of good cheer permeates your money/work/career sector and works like a charm to aid and abet your ability to hear and be heard. The important thing is to listen carefully and more receptively so as to not miss any nuances. However, on July 28th, your ruler, Venus, now in fickle Gemini in your second house of income, runs into wild and unpredictable Uranus in your 11th house of associations. If you were counting on communal support for a financial issue, there may be an unexpected snag- don’t let it derail you.

GEMINI: We all know that Saturn in Gemini has forced you into a constant vigilance-mode where details are concerned and there’s no immediate let-up in sight. You can’t fight Saturn (none of us can), but with the cheery Grand Trine in your element on the 26th and 27th, you can chirp and charm your way out of all paper bags and disarm anyone who would dare to stand in your way. There may be an unexpected demand from a parent or boss that needs your immediate attention. Try not to resent the interruption- it’s temporary.

CANCER: As with all water signs, the blessing of the airy “Grand Trine” on the 26th and 27th, takes place in your mystical water houses. That’s interesting because what’s implied is that in order for you to make the most of your intuitive abilities, you must give language and thought to all that you pick up so as to align your sensitivity with your intellect. It makes sense, because to not put some effort in along those lines, leaves you fearful and in a weakened state. You’re very psychic these days, and some of the information you get can and should be applied to issues with Family, finance, and resolving long-standing “ghosts” from the past.

LEO: The combination of fire and air is always so life-giving and stimulating (as in fanning the flames of desire) and this week’s air trio enlivens your communication and social houses. A partner, spouse, or BFF is probably planning something very special for your birthday month- even if you catch ‘wind’ of it (and you probably will), please don’t spoil the surprise, it’ll break his or her heart. This is one week, where many disparate factions of your life can actually all get along well.

VIRGO: Money on your mind? Well listen up: Though Saturn’s pressure has been relentless, there are still many reasons to be hopeful about improving your health, your lot at work and in your professional life in general. The air alignment in your money houses adds sparkle to all communication and efforts surrounding finance if you remain vigilant and take responsibility for record-keeping and backing up files. Even though the spirit of cooperation and good-will surrounds those areas, you know how inattentive people can be. Don’t delegate more than you should.

LIBRA: Stop complaining about your work load and enjoy the hand-glider effect of the air alignment to breeze through your creative projects with flair and aplomb. If you can think outside of the box and entertain the idea that all of your hard work is not only helping you further yourself in the here and now, but is actually cleaning up a residue of past life karmic missteps and unfinished projects. There may be a disruption at work (a computer/electrical or water problem) or a small health issue that must be paid attention to immediately. Do your due diligence and take it in stride.

SCORPIO: The air alignment in your psychic water houses yields intuitive insight that can be applied to family, finances and real estate issues. Women are especially helpful now so seek the advice and council of a wise woman or two. If you get the vibe to contact a female from overseas, from your college days, or someone who may be in the legal world, act on it. She will be very helpful.

SAGITTARIUS: If inspiration and joy could be contained and stored, this week’s benevolent airy alignment would be enough to supply you for a lifetime! No one needs to tell Jupiter-ruled Sagittarians how to have a good time, but the stars strongly suggest that you take a moment to appreciate how well the different camps of women in your life are getting along. It’s possible that the “Hatfield and McCoy” energy of siblings, spouse, and in-laws can be smoother than ever and a metaphorical peace-treaty signed. Just be mindful of plumbing, pools, and electricals in and around the home.

CAPRICORN: The air alignment takes place just where you like it, in your money-work houses and better understanding between players in all three is something you can take to the bank on July 26/27. The important thing is to not let past disappointments dictate the future and for you to not look for or make any unnecessary trouble where none exits. The feminine influence of the Moon and Venus is especially nice in the workplace and where your professional profile is most visible. If you’re a man, don’t be sexist- and if you’re a female, put the jungle red nail polish away and keep the competitive vibe to a minimum.

AQUARIUS: This week, your have permission from the astrologers of the world to flatly ignore and dismiss anyone who dares to rain on your parade or who tries to tell you that your dreams and visions don’t make any sense. The heck with ‘em, they’re just plain wrong. As a matter of fact, this is the week to revisit and push through a request or a bid that was rejected in the past. The only fly in the ointment might be an unexpected irregularity in the financial department. When all is said and done it’s either a bill that sneaks up on you or a snag that’s easily corrected

PISCES: One of the many ways to make the most of the delightful Airy “Grand Trine” is to flex your poetry muscles and write, write, write! Another good thing to keep in mind, is to SAY what’s on your mind!! All too often you sabotage yourself by refraining to speak up when you get the inner-prompting to do so. Now is the time to speak now or forever hold your peace. Your intuition is at an all time high as is your gift at helping others. Just ask permission before volunteering your pearls of wisdom and make sure the party in question is receptive.