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Something Old, Something New:
The Libra New Moon as
Venus Retrogrades in Scorpio;
Honoring Roberta Herzog, My Friend and Teacher

By Shelley L. Ackerman © 2010

Photo: Rich Press

Rev. Roberta Herzog:
Dec 6, 1943-Sept 30, 2010

Roberta and I “met” on the phone in September of 1990. I was in the midst of a rough Saturn transit which had delivered a death knell to my cabaret career (I coined the phrase "Karmic Relief" a few months earlier) and I was reeling from a debilitating May-December love affair with a narcissistic Austrian hotelier (31 years my senior). It was one of those “what was I thinking when I hooked up with him?” situations: I was especially raw and needy when he wooed, wined, and dined me with more skill and finesse than any man had done before, but in the end, he was all show, no substance, and an energy vampire to boot. I was drained and needed help-badly.

I had heard of Rev Herzog’s work through two good friends who had mind-blowing Akashic (past life) readings with her. Their sessions with Roberta were uncanny and extremely helpful, and so I phoned her right away and scheduled a consultation. Needless to say, I was bowled over by our conversation: Her insights helped me to understand the “karma” between myself and the man in question and it allowed me to move forward with greater ease than I had been able to before in similar instances. Roberta never encouraged placing blame on anyone. She always worked with her clients and students to understand and to forgive. In the twenty years that followed, I had many consults with Roberta, and we became very close friends.

Roberta Herzog

I should explain that prior to meeting and working with Roberta, I had been exposed to several unhealthy psychics who had no business counseling anyone, so I was a bit gun shy and skeptical at first. But my apprehensions were dissolved by her amazing insights and the astounding "background info" that she alone able to provide. She helped me to understand much about my soul’s journey through many lifetimes on Earth and the all-important “why” and “how” of so many of the people in my life: family members, friends, lovers, and adversaries. And she did the same for thousands of other clients, students and friends. Hers was the ultimate “background check”, superior to anything you’d get on Ancestry.com, or from a run of the mill psychic. How could you tell if she was accurate? There’s no concrete proof. But by simply sharing someone’s full name at birth, she’d come up with a detailed story that somehow captured the essence of what you were experiencing in the relationship with that same person (soul) in this lifetime: the conflicts, the struggles, and the “karma” with that person now. So for exanple, even though in one life you might have been mother and daughter, in this life you could be co-workers. Or in one life you were sisters, in this life you may be that person’s employer or even her uncle. It seems that planet Earth is akin to a gigantic theatrical repertory company, in which we constantly shift roles and circumstances for the purpose of our soul's growth. The upshot was always an invaluable appreciation of how your present circumstances and relationships are what they are now, and how best to go forward and neutralize any negative karma so that you can be free. It became clear that very few of us here on Earth in 2010, are meeting each other for the very first time.

Agnes Moorehead

What did she look like? Roberta’s presence was show-stopping: She was colorful, imposing, and her look was as unique as her work. Part “Endora” from “Bewitched” (she even shared Agnes Moorehead’s Dec 6 birthday), part Totie Fields with a little bit of Lainie Kazan thrown in for good measure: her work was more on target than anything J. Edgar Hoover ever did and she was far more benevolent. Most importantly, she delivered her work responsibly, with love, and always in service to the highest good for all concerned..

If the rationalists of the world have difficulty with accepting the validity of astrology, wrapping their heads around the concept of an “Akashic Library”, a massive cosmic Hall of Records, that exists on an unseen plane and contains the entire history of each and every soul in this and every other world – and all of the interactions between souls, is next to impossible. Yet, this concept is not at all alien to Buddhists, Hindus, Shirley MacLaine, and all who study metaphysics and Eastern Religion. And for what it’s worth, the existence of this continuum of life is central to what I believe to be so.

There was no one like Roberta: she was an extraordinary teacher, a magnificent reader, a healer, and a force for good in the world. Knowing her was a gift. Here are links to the last two radio shows we did together: on Dec 4, 2009 and on Jan 29, 2010. And here is a link to purchase and download her book about The Akashic Records.

Libra New Moon/Venus Rx in Scorpio

The universe often unfolds with a wink, sometimes a shimmy, and this week, with pretzel logic. How odd that on a Libra NEW Moon, the depositor, Venus, is in reverse for the next six weeks?

It’s a little bit like going back for the future to reclaim and/or fix something that might have been lost or mishandled in the initial exchange. All retrogrades can be difficult, but they all have a purpose. During the next six weeks, a personal and collective “soul-retrieval” is possible. We're likely to meet up with many people from our past: Some reconnections may be romantic, some may be business-related, but all are deep and karmic (Check out Lynda Hill take on this Venus Retro). The New Moon was at the degree of America’s Saturn, 14 Libra 24. The collective karmic implications are so thick you can cut 'em with a knife. At this writing, Bank of America has halted all foreclosures, pending an investigation of all paperwork involved. Other banks and mortgage companies will soon follow suit. This is an amazing development and one that offers some good news to many facing losing their homes. I can’t help but wonder if Roberta has gone to work immediately on the other side to help as many people as she did while she was on Earth.

October Milestones:

Helen Hayes

Alastair Sim

This weekend marks what would have been the 110th birthday of two great stars born one day apart: Alastair Sim (the best Ebeneezer Scrooge of them all) and Helen Hayes, the first lady of the American Theater. Sim was born on October 9 and Helen Hayes on October 10, both in 1900.

John Lennon

And today John Lennon would have turned 70. I will never get over the shock of his murder in December of 1980. I always wondered if his demise was a bizarre twist of “Instant Karma”: He wrote the songs “Happiness is a Warm Gun” and “They’re Gonna Crucify Me”. Was his end an erie self-fulfilling prophecy that didn’t have to unfold that way?

I always meant to ask Roberta about that.

Chart: Libra New Moon
Click for larger view

The Planets This Week: All times are Eastern.

Oct 7: Libra New Moon @ 2:44 pm
Oct 8: Moon V/C @ 9:38 am, enters Scorpio @ 3:52 pm;
             Venus Retrograde @ 3:06 pm
             Mercury conj Saturn @ 7:35 am
Oct 9: Moon conj Venus @ 1:35 pm, Moon conj Mars @ 8:06 pm
Oct 10: Moon V/C @ 2:27 pm, enters Sagittarius @ 6:09 pm
Oct 12: Moon V/c @ 8:07 pm
Oct 13: Moon in Capricorn @ 12:07 am

*Moon v/c = ‘void of course’, Best for spiritual not earthly pursuits

Bonus: 2010 Astro Crib Sheet

Major Planetary Activity for 2010.

Mercury: Begins @ 18 Cap 28 Retro, ends 2010 @ 19 Sag 44
Mercury Retrogrades: Dec 26 ‘09- Jan 15 ‘10, April 17-May 11, Aug 20-Sept 12, Dec 10-30
Venus: Begins @ 8 Cap 29, ends 2010 @ 23 Scorpio 05
Venus Retrograde: Oct 8 – Nov 18
Mars: Begins @ 18 Leo 44 Retro, ends 2010 @ 17 Cap 59
Mars Retrograde: Dec 20, 2009 - March 10, 2010
Jupiter: Begins @ 26 Aquarius 28, ends 2010 @ 26 Pisces 29
(Jupiter in Aries from June 6-Sept 9)
Jupiter Retrograde: July 23-Nov 18
Saturn: Begins @ 4 Libra 31, ends 2010 @ 16 Libra 38
(Saturn in Virgo from April 7- July 21)
Saturn Retrograde: January 13- May 30)
Uranus: Begins @ 23 Pisces 06, ends 2010 @ 26 Pisces 57
(Uranus in Aries May 27- Aug 13)
Uranus Retrograde: July 5- Dec 5
Neptune: Begins @ 24 Aquar 36, ends 2010 @ 26 Aquar 44
Neptune Retrograde: May 31- Nov 7
Pluto: Begins @ 3 Cap 19, ends 2010 @ 5 Cap 19
Pluto Retrograde: April 6 – Sep 14
Eclipses: Jan 15-Solar @ 25 Cap 01, June 26-Lunar @ 4 Can 46, July 11- Solar @ 19 Can 24, Dec 21-Lunar @ 29 Gemini 21

Weekly Horoscope:

Note: The Venus-ruled Libra New Moon coincides with Venus’reverse motion in deep and penetrating Scorpio. “Rx”, the astrological shorthand for retrograde, is also the symbol that doctors and pharmacists use for prescriptions. Might all planetary retrogrades imply a prescription for something that requires review and reflection? Hmmm.

ARIES: New avenues of thought and communication as well as new approaches to sustaining all key relationships in your life is on the front burner this week, and you are challenged to remain graceful, considerate and attentive while holding most of the cards. Mars (your ruler) in Scorpio still trumps all, but why shove the fact that you have the upper hand in anyone’s face? Venus Rx: For the next six weeks, revisit your deepest and darkest motivations for doing what you do and engaging with who you engage with. Are the terms honest - and are resources, energies, and profits shared fairly and squarely?

TAURUS: A renewal in the work and routine sector in your life is called for. Does your schedule serve you and keep you in balance, or are you in a permanent state of “When will this torture ever end”? If the latter is true, now is the time to fix. Venus Rx: For the next six weeks, partnerships and legalities must be reviewed, revisited and tended to. Feelings run deep here, so allow your rational mind to weigh in at all times. And if a past lover or a contact from Christmas past (could be a business associate) reaches out, he/she may arrive with an opportunity worth considering.

GEMINI: Your ruler, Mercury and the New Moon in your 5th house of creative expression and romantic prospects should lighten your load with some good news or at the very least, some upbeat energy to propel you forward. But Venus conj Mars, and the Retro in your 6th house indicate that intense work is part of the package. Venus Rx: For the next six weeks insists that your approach to your day to day obligations is up for deep review as is your approach to your health. Have you been deferring maintenance? If, so don’t be alarmed, but get on your own case. Strive to deepen your understanding of co-workers, underlings, and those you interact with daily. Everyone has feelings.

CANCER: If things have gotten stale in your abode, it’s time to hit the refresh button. Mercury (ruling the mind and communication) ends its long journey in critical and nit-picky Virgo and enters Libra, the sign of partnership and resolution. See things from the other’s perspective and you’ll empower yourself in the process. The New Moon in your 4th house encourages better familial relations and nudges you to adjust the flow of energy in your home with feng shui or a redux here and there. Venus Rx: For the next six weeks: Revisiting a creative passion or project, a hobby, or something you obsessed about but dropped a while back is good for what ails you. A ‘romantic rematch’ is likely.

LEO: The entrance of Mercury and the New Moon in your 3rd house of communication enlivens your ability to get your point across with neighbors, siblings and listeners of all ages. And if that sounds a little PT Barnum-ish, well that’s fine too, as you have lots to say and will be buoyed by the opportunity to do so. But the depth of what you’re experiencing must be acknowledged as well, and some of that should be kept provate or shared with only those who you trust completely. Venus conj Mars, Retro in 4 Venus Rx: For the next six weeks: Revisiting family dramas and demons doesn’t have to be a drag. Getting to the bottom of things (at last) has its rewards- and these will endure.

VIRGO: Your ruler, Mercury and the New Moon have jazzed up your 2nd house of values and income and while the activity (mental and physical) is demanding, it’s much better than the under-employment that so many are experiencing. Be alert to what you like about what you’re doing and what you need to change. Venus Rx: For the next six weeks: the Venus -Retro in your chatty 3rd house dictates that you be okay with the demands of neighbors and siblings and that you take all communication seriously – especially the ‘talks’ you have with yourself. You’re about to get to the bottom of what makes you tick- try to enjoy it.

LIBRA: With Mercury and the New Moon in your sign, it’s a new dawn and a new day, well kinda sorta anyway. Venus Rx: For the next six weeks: your task is to integrate your vision for the future with the most intense but oh so useful experiences of your past. What good is reviewing all that’s happened to you without the intention of using it for some higher purpose? And while some memories are painful, the experiences that created them were probably needed for your ultimate good. This is a karmic time- don’t screw it up.

SCORPIO: The many memories that flood your waking and sleeping states may be quite useful as they are ‘prompts” for what you need to be paying attention to this Fall. Venus Rx: For the next six weeks: Self renewal and self improvement on all levels. Don’t blow this opportunity. You have the strength, the resolve and reserves to make all necessary adjustments, not to mention the support of many well-wishers who “have your back”. So while part of you is hell bent on moving full steam ahead, another part of you knows that pacing yourself without stepping on anybody’s toes, might be a better way to go.

SAGITTARIUS: Team building begins with establishing a language that all can understand and use easily. Mercury’s entrance into your communal 11th house followed by the New Moon indicates revising your vision for the future and the possibility of moving forward with a new ensemble. Venus Rx: For the next six weeks: Retracing your moves of the past few months – honestly and thoroughly- is a daunting task, but one that will insure that you don’t trip up in the same way again- unless of course, you enjoy the repetition. Most important of all is to learn where your blind spot is and find ways to illuminate.

CAPRICORN: Though difficult and challenging, the heightened activity in your career house will surely deliver a number of options worthy of your consideration, and all hinge on your connection to community and the relationships you have with friends and associates. Venus Rx: For the next six weeks: Be clear, concise and when possible, generous with time and resources with all in your sphere: You don’t have to go overboard, but your success will be aided and abetted by the strength of your connections to others. You’ll run into a few "hungry ghosts" from the old days, be kind, as their reappearance is mostly to help you see how far you've come.

AQUARIUS: The mid-term elections, what they imply, as well as many disturbing developments in the news (cyber-bullying, for example), are hitting you rather hard and it’s tough to not take it personally. You’re very aware of where society is heading versus where it should be going. And while you personally cannot control the destiny of souls, you have an important contribution to make. Venus Rx: For the next six weeks: You will be running into many professional connections from your past and these will have a profound effect on you. Don’t be afraid of saying the things you always wanted to say to these individuals. Your words may be life-altering.

PISCES: Your finances are up for review and renewal. The new Moon in your 8th house of shared resources coupled with the Venus retro in your 9th house of philosophy indicates that you should only be dealing with those companies, institutions, and individuals with whom you align wit and respect on a deep level. It’s a tall order, but so what? Venus Rx: For the next six weeks: Why do you have the belief system or philosophy of life that you do? Do not be afraid to review the whole enchilada and if need be, muster up the courage to sing a completely different tune.