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Ongoing Tuesday Night Classes resume Tuesday, May 3, 2005.
* New Spring 2005 Classes are here! May 3 - June 28

Upcoming Events
:: July 26th from 6:30-9:30PM: A MidSummer's Night of Uranian Astrology:
The Uranian Society is celebrating its 25th Anniversary of its founding by Charles Emerson.
:: Court TV's Seriously Entertaining Summer Tour with Psychic Detectives: Schedule of Cities and Dates TBA
:: Shelley's Art is on display...

Join Quest Astrologer and radio personality Shelley Ackerman for an exciting relevant, insightful, upbeat, and provocative ongoing journey into the heart of Astrology (some basic knowledge of astrology is advisable to feel comfortable):

The Art of Astrology for Inspired Students and Creative Professionals

Tuesday Evenings @ 6:45 PM
May 3 - June 28, 2005

The NY Theosophical Society 240 East 53rd St. (bet 2nd and 3rd Ave.) NYC 10022

Fee: $24. per class.
Note: (optional) additional contributions appreciated for visiting astrologers' travel expenses
Contact SHELLEY at 212-539-3100 or through her website at

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As several of our speakers are published authors, we've provided both book titles and their respective links to should you wish to learn more about them and/or purchase them.

 Tuesday Night Series Calendar »
Spring 2005 Tuesday Night Series Calendar (May 3 - June 28) »

May 3

6:45 PM
Class 1

Medical Astrology - The 7 Critical Midpoints in Your Horoscope

Tonight we will be introduced to a powerful aspect of Medical Astrology. Bob Cohen Ph.D. will be on hand to review the basic concepts of medical astrology. Monty will then focus on what several key midpoints mean in your chart and how this information can help you (and your clients) identify and avert potential health issues. Email Monty Renov with your birth data and you'll get a copy of your midpoints for class:

May 10

6:45 PM
Class 2

The Wynn Key Cycle of Solar Returns

From the moment you're born, the Wynn cycle begins taking you through the zodiac degree by degree from solar return to solar return. Tonight we will learn how to gauge your emotional, mental, psychic, social, and professional whereabouts at any given moment. We will see how this "Key cycle" technique corresponds with the unfolding events in your life.

May 17

6:45 PM
Class 3

Uranus Cycles -Crisis with Opportunity: Working with the Wild Card

Uranus has an 84 year orbit around the Sun. Tonight we'll study Uranus as it aspects itself- cycles of upheaval and change. Early 20's, mid-life crisis, retirement age; Pope John Paul II just died on his Uranus return. Both through its regular (7-21-42-63 year) cycles (as Uranus aspects its natal position) and through transits to the remaining natal planets, Uranus throws us a wild card and demands that we make choices. Mid-May 2005, Uranus and Mars conjoin @10 Pisces- asking us all to expect the unexpected, and make some personal choices about what to keep and what to prune away.

May 24
6:45 PM
Class 4

Can You Really Change Your Life?

Why study astrology or have a reading with an astrologer? To know what will be happening in your life?-To alleviate psychic pain? Astrologically speaking, what can be changed? Can one change? Tonight Liane will discuss various levels of change by presenting a survey of charts and life histories of well-known people who could have stayed out of jail, out of hock and out of the headlines -- if they could have changed -- MAYBE. Attendees will have their charts reviewed for "natal-change potential".

May 31
6:45 PM
Class 5

Social Security - Its Inception and its Future

On August 14, 1935 Social Security came into being. Why is the Social Security paradigm expressed so differently by its Creator, FDR, and by its current critic, GW Bush? What can the stars tell us about Social Security? Will it continue as the safety net we've come to depend on?

June 7
6:45 PM
Class 6

Mercury and Gemini

A traditional and esoteric view of the sign and the planet and its expression and meaning in your horoscope. Alan Oken will be available for private consultations in NYC for a few days in June. Leave word for him at 505-466-2258 (Voice Mail) or call him directly after April 20th on his cell--505-603-0803. Or email him at

June 14
6:45 PM
Class 7

Fixed Stars & Constellations Forever

An in-depth exploration of the sky myths that Astrology originated from. Learn an effective meaning and use of the fixed stars and constellations that will add a significant dimension to astrological readings and to your understanding of own horoscope.

June 21

*No Class
(Shelley at Skidmore with the International Women's Writing Guild)

Barbara Biziou will host a Summer Solstice Celebration, details on

June 28
6:45 PM
Class 8

Saturn in Leo

For the first time since 1978 Saturn will enter Leo on July 16. The last time Saturn was in Leo, Saturday Night Live was born and the movie business ushered in the era of the "blockbuster". Tonight we will explore the last few transits (1917-1919, 1946-1948, and 1976-1978) of Saturn in Leo and take a look at the upcoming transit through 2007 and its influence on all 12 signs.

 Special Events »

Mar 17 -
May 1
Art Show

" Libra Rising: Solar Flares, Elements, Planets and Chakras " - 11 Mixed Media Paintings

@ Healthy Body NYC

Health and Fitness Center
1133 B'way suite 1023 at 26th street.
Holistic Practioner Soirees every Wednesday evening (free) @ 7:30 PM
At other times, call for appt: 917-364-7484

Astrologer/Journalist Shelley L. Ackerman's premier Art Show:
When Shelley L. Ackerman was preparing to audition for The High School of Music and Art in the late 1960's, she was torn between applying as an artist or as a singer. The powers that be insisted that she choose between the two. She was accepted as a singer and graduated at age 16 with honors as a music major.

After many years as a cabaret performer (She was Peter Allen's opening act at Reno Sweeney, starred in the 20th anniversary production of Jacques Brel at Town Hall and at The Kennedy Center, and received the 1990 Backstage Award for best vocalist), her focus
on the planets won out and she became a professional astrologer in 1992.

Her ongoing class, 'The Art of Astrology for Inspired Students and Astrology-literally with her presentation influenced by the elements, signs, planets and chakras. Shelley writes for The NY Post,, (has done a special for Time Out in Jan 2003) and appears frequently on Radio and TV (The Biography Channel's The Star Treatment, ABC World
News Now, The O'Reilly Factor). This is her first New York Art Show.

May 12

Mars in Taurus

@ Long Island Chapter NCGR

302 Sycamore Ave.
Merrick, NY

On July 29, 2005, the red planet enters Taurus for 7+ long months, the longest transit in the sign of the bull since 1926/27. Tonight we'll discuss what this sequence may bring.

Members $ 10; Non-members $ 15.
Information: Lenore Grafmuller at
or call 631-543-0228.

June 5

Mars in Taurus and the Gift of Grab

@ NY Theosophical Society

240 East 53rd St. (between 2nd and 3rd Ave)

On July 29th 2005, Mars enters Taurus and will spend nearly 7 months in that sign- the longest transit there since 1926/27. The last Mars in Taurus retrograde in late 1973,brought the flowering of the Watergate scandal and an oil crisis. Beyond the obvious economic implications, Mars in Taurus is potent and talented.

In tonight's class, we'll examine how this powerful placement has expressed itself throughout history (particularly in the world of sound and communications), and its impact in the charts/lives of great artists (Degas), writers (Louisa May Alcott), musicians (Tchaikovsky, Liberace), singers (Tony Bennett, Leontyne Price, Madonna), actors (Charles Chaplin), comedians (Lucille Ball), the noble (Dr. Tom Dooley), and the diabolical (Hitler); We'll discuss the upcoming retrograde and "yod" to Jupiter and Pluto, the fixed grand cross and what this long slow transit could bring (or delay) on practical levels

Suggested donation: $10-$15

June 27

Stop Talking and Blaze Through Obstacles

Join Dr. Jeanette and Shelley Ackerman as she shares Documented Evidence and 'sign-specific' insights that will Make Life Easier and Inspire you to make the most of Summer 2005.

How can one astrological reading could tell you more about your natural talents and innate energy than all years of Talk Therapy?

Noted astrologer Shelley Ackerman, who writes for The NY Post and, says, "No one starts out in life saying I want to be an astrologer. It's a calling, one that begins after you've been 'read' and realize that this system is amazing." I guess this vignette sums it up best: A client in her late 30's came for her first astrological reading. At the end of the 90 minute session she said, "This hour and a half with you was infinitely more effective than the 12 visits to a therapist my company paid for last year."

Holistic Health psychologist, Dr. Doris Jeanette will be hosting Shelley on June 27th, 7 p.m. Eastern, on her monthly mental health teleseminar. Anyone can listen in on the international phone bridge and learn how to access more of their natural talents, basic skills and human potential. Teleseminars are a cost effective way to use continuing education for self improvement. More information at

"Many Talk Therapists end up reinforcing people's negative behavior and false beliefs by talking about them over and over again," notes Doris Jeanette, licensed psychologist, a student of Joe Wolpe, MD. "On the other hand, I prefer to reinforce people's natural talents and inner strengths. Astrology is one of many effective ways to acknowledge and access the human potential that is uniquely ours."

The Holistic Health Center for the New Psychology offers monthly mental health teleseminars, anxiety reduction groups, depression reduction groups and nature workshops teaching people healthy ways to reduce anxiety and enjoy life. Sign up for monthly Holistic Psychology Teleseminars at

July 26

A MidSummer's Night of Uranian Astrology
@ NY Theosophical Society
, next to The Quest Book Shop
240 East 53rd St. (between 2nd and 3rd Ave)

The Uranian Society is celebrating its 25th Anniversary of its founding by Charles Emerson.

*Udo Rudolph will be with us from Germany. His father, Ludwig, was an early associate of Alfred Witte and the Hamburg School, and Udo is a well-known Uranian astrologer and writer.

*There will be short presentations by Udo, Lietta Catoni from Italy, Nona Gwynn Press, Michael Lutin, president of New York NCGR, Faith McInerney and others. Gary Christen, a noted Uranian Astrologer and President of Astrolabe, will demonstrate the new Nova Chartwheels.

Join us for refreshments and birthday cake.
Admission $10.00

For further info contact Uranian president, Liane Thomas Wade at or call her at 917-855-8824.

Shelley's Art
Now on display at
Healthy Body NYC
Health and Fitness Center:
1133 B'way suite 1023
at 26th street.
Holistic Practioner Soirees every Wednesday evening (free) @ 7:30 PM
At other times, call for appt: 917-364-7484